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Faulks Duck Call
Natural tone desired for mallards. Camo finish preferred over the glossy finish.
Faulks Goose Call
MAX-4 Camo design, preferred by hunters over glossy finish. Tuned to call all species geese. Has been on the market for over 50 years, in clear plastic and wood parts. Very easy to blow and get results. Instruction included.
Faulks Champion Duck Call
Select Zebrawood or other fancy wood and walnut. A call anyone can blow. Excellent for mallards and large ducks.
Faulks Flute Goose Call
Made of rallentando tuned and very easy to blow. Tested and proven to be successful in calling the Canada goose. Double lanyard attached.
Faulks Adjustable Duck Call
Preset for the popular mallard tone, but now fully adjustable to produce higher pitch with exclusive adjustment ring. Simple to operate with instructions.
Faulks Honker Goose Call
Walnut barrels. A call anyone can blow. Perfect for Canadian geese anywhere.
Faulks Deluxe Duck Call
Heavy duty walnut, tuned for a smooth, natural mallard tone, trouble-free, easy blowing.
Faulks Deluxe Goose Call
Heavy duty cherry and walnut barrels. Easy blowing for calling all species of geese. With instructions.
Faulks Popular Goose Call
Plastic and wood barrels tuned with natural, realistic tone for all species of geese. Comes with instructions.
Faulks Regular Duck Call
Natural tone. Walnut finish.
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