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Dog Tracking & Training Accessories

DT Systems Dummy Launcher
Dual ported stainless steel barrel increasing distance and reduces recoil. Shell ejector. Rugged Solid Aluminum Frame Construction. Cast Aluminum to prevent Rusting. Durable Stainless Steel Launcher Barrel. Full Grip Aluminum Locking Lever for Safety. Extra Strong Aluminum Hinge System. Convenient Built-In Shell Extractor. Thick, Dense, Shock Absorbing Recoil Pad. Wide Nylon Comfort Grip Handle Sleeve. Self-Contained Firing Pin Mechanism for Easy Cleaning and Maintenance. *NOTE* Power Loads not included with Launcher.
Remington Training Kits
Our training kit contains everything needed to successfully train a dog, including a canvas dummy, scent, deluxe whistle with thermometer and compass, and a 25' check cord. An informative, 8-page training booklet, written by a training professional, provides proven training techniques.
DT Systems Super Pro? Series Feather-Weight?
Feature a one-piece aluminum alloy tube that is stronger than steel, 30% lighter than the competitor's steel tubes, and won't crack, rust or break like "their" steel tube and washer combinations. Each launcher dummy is wrapped in the highest quality 1000 denier nylon Cordura fabric. Specially coated, the fabric repels water, resists mold growth, gives longer life and has excellent scent holding qualities.
Pete Rickard Puppy Training Kit
Includes one 2" X 9" Floating Canvas Training Dummy with removable toss cord, 1 1/4 oz. of Training Scent, Dual Tone Training Whistle with lanyard, & Dog Training Booklet.
Remington Dog Trainer
$28.99 - $29.99
The lifelike feel and weight of Remington dog trainers will entice dogs to properly pickup, carry and hold game birds. All foam construction makes them float in water and tear resistant, with no loose parts to interfere with training. Scents can be added for more realistic training.
DT Systems Launcher Loads
.22 caliber blank power loads for Super Pro Launcher.
Remington Chest Protector
This durable nylon chest protector protects a dog from scratches, cuts adn tenderness on the tummy and chest areas when in the rough, natural environment. The bright yellow and orange color also provides high visibility. Small, Medium and Large sizes with velcro adjustments to fit most sporting dogs.
Pete Rickard Check Cord
Extra strong, waterproof and lightweight. Hand loop on one end and rustproof snap on the other.
Pete Rickard Floating Bird Dog Dummy
$14.49 - $18.49
Weighted foam (3" X 12"). Rustproof grommet and removable cord.
DT Systems Soft Mouth Trainer?
$13.99 - $17.99
Patent-pending "S Grip?" technology for easier gripping and holding. Trains the dog to naturally hold with a softer and more gentle grip. Softer and more pliable plastic gives the Soft Mouth Trainer the soft feeling of a real bird's body when retrieving. Adjustable pressure valve system allows handler to make the dummy softer or firmer for customized training. Excellent for water training or field use. Versatile, durable and long-lasting.
Remington Reflective Safety Vests
$14.99 - $17.99
This bright orange and yellow safety vest assures maximum outside vidibility in the day and at night. Reflective strips reflect oncoming light at night. The adjustable design and lightweight material allow for a comfortable fit and non-restrictive movement. Water-resistant.
Remington 6' Nylon Training Leads
Our high quality deluxe nylon is specially processed to prevent fraying and increase the strength of our nylon leads.
Pete Rickard Sportsman's Dog Bells
$11.49 - $15.99
0575-0067: Made of top quality brass with leather collar loop. Lets you know the dog's location, makes birds lie close. 0575-0066: 1 7/8" height, nickel-plated cowbell style dog bell. Lets you know dog's location, causes birds to lie close. Leather collar loop.
Remington 6' Rope Snap Leads
Made of soft, braided nylon. The flexibility of Remington rope leads makes them easy to fold for carrying or storage. The slip collar style lead, recommended by trainers, allows for quick, yet gentle correction and has a leather slide that adjusts the collar to fit any size neck. .
Pete Rickard Hunter's Safety Orange Collar
2 ply, heavy duty hardware. Center ring. 1" width.
Remington Vinyl Dummy
$9.69 - $12.99
These Remington molded logo dummies are one of the most durable on the market. It's elongated knobs allow for easy pick up and allow the best fit for the dog's mouth.
DT Systems Canvas & Cordura Nylon Training Dummies
$9.29 - $12.49
Heavy duty 18 oz. canvas. Durable 1000 Denier Nylon. Solid brass grommets. High quality nylon thread. Hand fitted. Weighted for throwing.
Pete Rickard Cedar Dog Shampoo
All natural cedar formula. Non-toxic alternative to harmful chemicals. Highly effective for hunting dogs and all pets. Soothes skin irritated by fleas. Leaves coats clean, soft and silky.
Remington Training Scents
These 4 oz concentrated formulas are extremely affective and allow fast results even when training inexperienced dogs.
Remington Tuff Nylon Adjustable Collar
$8.29 - $10.49
The adjustable Tuff Collar is the perfect collar for a growing pet. The Tuff collars are made from Coastal's high quality nylon. The Tuff Collars also feature Coastal's unique curved, snap-lock buckle which provides added comfort for the pet and convenience for the owner. Great for your growing pet! Not to be used for tie out.
DT Systems Training Whistle
Black training whistle with lanyard.
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Our Remington Collapsible Travel Bowl is perfect for that sporting dog on the go. Designed to be completely portable. Our bowl holds 20 ounces and features a carabiner for easy carry.
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Our RemingtonĀ® Blaze Adjustable Patterned Collar features a great outdoor silhouette pattern on vivid colored nylon. Available in bright orange or bright pink. Perfect for sporting dogs and outdoor enthusiasts.
Pete Rickard Hunting Dog Training Scents
Proven performance in dog training has made Pete Rickard products known around the world. Our scents contain natural musks, gland and other animal extracts to effectively condition your dog for all types of hunting.
Remington Nickel Cow Bell
$4.69 - $7.49
Nickel plated bell comes with an attached nylon strap.
Pete Rickard Dual Tone Training Whistle
Projects two different tones for a variety of commands. Designed by an experienced dog trainer. Includes lanyard and instructions.
Remington Dog Training Whistle
The whistle with pea has a loud, rolling, shrill tone that carries well in marshes and fields. Will not freeze in cold weather. Preferred by pointer and spaniel trainers.
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