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Dog Tracking & Training Accessories

Pete Rickard Puppy Training Kit
Includes one 2" X 9" Floating Canvas Training Dummy with removable toss cord, 1 1/4 oz. of Training Scent, Dual Tone Training Whistle with lanyard, & Dog Training Booklet.
Pete Rickard Check Cord
Extra strong, waterproof and lightweight. Hand loop on one end and rustproof snap on the other.
Pete Rickard Floating Bird Dog Dummy
$14.49 - $18.49
Weighted foam (3" X 12"). Rustproof grommet and removable cord.
Pete Rickard Sportsman's Dog Bells
$11.49 - $15.99
0575-0067: Made of top quality brass with leather collar loop. Lets you know the dog's location, makes birds lie close. 0575-0066: 1 7/8" height, nickel-plated cowbell style dog bell. Lets you know dog's location, causes birds to lie close. Leather collar loop.
Pete Rickard Hunter's Safety Orange Collar
2 ply, heavy duty hardware. Center ring. 1" width.
Pete Rickard Cedar Dog Shampoo
All natural cedar formula. Non-toxic alternative to harmful chemicals. Highly effective for hunting dogs and all pets. Soothes skin irritated by fleas. Leaves coats clean, soft and silky.
Pete Rickard Hunting Dog Training Scents
Proven performance in dog training has made Pete Rickard products known around the world. Our scents contain natural musks, gland and other animal extracts to effectively condition your dog for all types of hunting.
Pete Rickard Dual Tone Training Whistle
Projects two different tones for a variety of commands. Designed by an experienced dog trainer. Includes lanyard and instructions.
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