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Game Bags

Alaska Game Bags
$5.89 - $69.99
Superior game bags that are super tough, light, durable and tailored to specific animal. Come in compact rolls, are breathable, virtually tear resistant, odor free and can be reused.
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$13.49 - $41.99
As hunters, we process animals in less than sanitary conditions. Warm weather and dirty environments filled with leaves, hair, and other debris contaminate the surface of our game meat. Spoilage organisms begin their growth on the surface. Koola Buck cotton/poly game bags are permeated in a proprietary blend of all natural flavorless acids derived from fruits and other bacterial inhibitors. Protect your meat by reducing bacteria 8X more than standard bags. Ensure the safety and quality of the meat you feed your family with Koola Buck Game Bags. Also available, Antimicrobial Game Spray. One can will treat 2-3 deer or an entire elk, moose or large game animal. Prevents flies and insects from laying eggs on your game meat. Use Koola Buck's antimicrobial spray with standard game bags.
Alaska Northern Game Bags
$4.39 - $30.99
NGB148 - Single, 48" for deer, sheep, antelope, and caribou. NGB160 - Single pack, 60" game bag for deer and elk. NGB448 - 4-pack, 48" for deer, sheep, antelope, and caribou. NGB460 - 4-pack, 60" game bag for deer and elk.
Alaska Transport Bag
Alaska Transport Bag 36" x 48" elk, moose, bear hide, seamless bottom with integral ties.
Alaska Northern Transport Bag
Woven canvas deer carcass bag.
Alaska Hog Game Bag
Bag form fits around around whole skinned animal. Bag will not tear under heavy use. Bag is washable and may be reused. Bag is pre-rolled for ease of use in the field. Bag is breathable, protects meat from dirt, insects, and other materials.
Hunters Specialties Quarter Size Game Bag
Each pack includes four 40 x 48 bags with closure ties that are ideal for large game, including elk, moose, and caribou. This essential hunting accessory keeps meat clean and protects it from insects.
Alaska Northern Carcass Bag
Single 72" quality price point/economy carcass bag.
Hunters Specialties Full Size Game Bag
Capable of holding a large deer, the Full Size Game Bag keeps meat clean and protects it from insects. The woven bag measures 40 x 72 inches and includes a closure tie. A great addition to your hunting gear.
Allen Economy Field Dressing Bag
The 54? x 12? Economy Field Dressing Bag is Made in the USA with lightweight, breathable material. This bag, recommended for deer, helps keep meat clean and protected from insects. 1 dressing bag.
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