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Game Mount Kits & Accessories

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This sturdy and sleek floor display allows for complete customization of your trophy display. The trophy tree will take advantage of unused areas within an office or living room. The Trophy Tree is designed for a variety of small to medium sized heads from around the world. Align heads vertically or stagger them from top to bottom. Complete your tree with one species type or display a variety. The customization options are nearly endless! The Trophy Tree's pole stands nearly 6 feet high (five poles included) and each of its sections allows for 360 degree viewing angles with varied heights. Constructed of strong powder-coated steel. The Trophy tree is sold with 5 arm/prong attachments. Color: Black,
Skull Hooker Big Hooker Mounts
Professionally finished, fully adjustable European skull mounting bracket. "Big Hooker" - larger game bracket designed for larger trophies like elk, bison, moose, caribou, domestic steer and other exotic larger game such as kudu, stag, cape buffalo etc.
Hunters Specialties European Skull Deer Mounting Kit
Hunters can easily mount the antlers from their trophy or shed antlers with the European Skull Deer Mounting Kit. The kit features a high-quality, realistic molded deer skull with a walnut finish plaque that allows the mount to be placed in different positions for the best view. It also includes mounting hardware.
Hunters Specialties Half Skull Deer Mounting Kit
Hunters can easily mount the antlers from their trophy or shed antlers with the Euro Half Skull Deer Mounting Kit. The kit features a high-quality, realistic molded deer skull with an antique finish plaque and mounting hardware.
Skull Hooker Table Hooker
The Table Hooker, is perfect for office desks or shelves within the home. The Table Hooker elegantly displays cougar, bear, pronghorn, impala, deer and many other small to medium sized trophies worldwide. The Table Hooker is completely customizable up and down to provide the perfect up right and natural presentation of your trophy. Constructed of strong powder coated steel and offered in two striking colors (Robust Brown and Graphite Black). The Table Hooker requires no drilling or damage to your skull as the prong fits securely and naturally into the back of the skull. *Skull cannot be cut or altered around the natural hole or cervical joint at the back of the skull.
Skull Hooker Little Hooker Mounts
This would include all north American and African species of deer and antelope, wart hogs, smaller domestic sheep, black bear, cougar and a host of other smaller international game. Professionally finished, fully adjustable European skull mounting bracket.
Hunters Specialties Three Beard Mounting Plaque
Hunters can display turkey tail and up to three beards. Includes oak plaque with laser-engraved gobbler on the front, engravable brass name plate and antique brass cup hooks. Also comes with leather for spur mounts and detailed instructions.
Quaker Boy Horn Mount Kit
The Horn Mount Kit makes mounting your trophy rack as easy as one, two, three. This kit comes complete with a walnut finished back board and red shroud and can be customized to fit any size antlers. Includes hardware and simple instructions for mounting your prize rack.
Allen Heirloom Mounting Plaque
Save money and mount your own rackwith Allen's Heirloom Mounting Plaque. This do-it-yourself kit has a professional look, and it includes the plaque, an engravable brass plate, and two skull covers: one in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo and one in black so you can create the perfect look to go with your room. Works for whitetail, mule deer, or pronghorn. Perfect for memorable racks, like your first shot with a bow and arrow, or your child's first buck. Laminated wood plaque with black edging. Hardware included.
Allen Turkey Tail Mounting Kit
The Turkey Tail Mounting Kit from Allen has a wood grain look and a brass plated cover to highlight your trophy.
Hunters Specialties Turkey Tail & Beard Mounting Kit
Mount the trophy yourself, save money and get it up on the wall faster. Our kit comes with a mounting plaque and hardware, drying powder, a brass nameplate and easy instructions.
Skull Hooker Bone Bracket
The newly redesigned Bone Bracket now offers a stronger arm and plate for those smaller skull capped trophies such as deer and antelope species worldwide. This newly redesigned Bone Bracket still offers rotational adjustments up or down and angle adjustments left or rightachieving the optimum display of your trophy. Color: Black
Skull Hooker XXL Bone Bracket
The XXL Bone Bracket is designed to accommodate the skullcaps of antlered and horned species such as elk, caribou, buffalo, moose and heavy-horned sheep. Like its smaller counterpart, the XXL offers complete customization of your trophy up and down to provide that perfect presentation of your trophy. Color: Black
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No more guessing! For a quick and easy way to score your buck, there's no better option. The Wildgame Innovations Trophy Tape is a new, revolutionary way to quickly score your trophy buck without punching numbers or using a string. It is highly visible even in low lighting conditions, plus it can be used for marking trails or blood spots when tracking.
Skull Hooker Skull Cap
Dress up those sawed off skull caps with Skull Hooker's new Skull Cap. This inexpensive cover will provide a cleaner look to your skull capped trophies. The Skull Cap is only designed for small to mid-sized game and can be trimmed for a custom fit. The Skull Cap can be utilized with or without the Bone Bracket hanging bracket. The Skull Cap is offered in a natural brown color, but can easily be painted a custom color. *Not designed for Elk or larger species.
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