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Game Seed Feed & Nutrition

Evolved Pro-graze
Blend of forage Brassicas, Chicory & Deer-proven Clovers to provide Deer with perennial forage and fall attractant.
Evolved Pro-vide Clover & Chickory
The best white forage clovers & forage chickory to provide year-round for your deer & turkeys. This unique mixture of seeds can be planted in the spring or fall to give you a perennial food plot that with maintenance, should provide for at least 5 years. Provides forage in the spring, summer and fall to give your wildlife protein & minerals that they need. 4 lbs. 1/2 acre.
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$25.99 - $45.99
Evolved Harvest? and Bone Collector? have come together to create the Throw & Gro X-Treme? series. These exciting no-till blends will both provide the versatile results of the original Throw & Gro? with the added bonus of forage radishes or oats. A versatile food plot perfect for those hard to reach areas not accessible to heavy equipment. 5 lb bag.
Evolved Ez Plot Crush
EZ Plot CRUSH is a fast growing and nutritious NO-TILL food plot mix that is easy to plant without the strenuous work of using heavy equipment. This highly adaptable food plot can be planted in the most remote and hard to reach areas where discing the soil is not an option. EZ Plot contains forage annual clovers, rape and tetraploid rye which deliver high levels of protein in a sweet tasting and fast growing food plot. Take the work out of planting food plots and choose EZ Plot CRUSH.
Evolved Buck Grub
An all-natural attractant that pulls deer like no other. To grow antlers and maintain body weight, deer need energy. Buck Grub gives them that energy in the form of nutrient-dense FAT, protein, and carbohydrates. It also has a balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio that is excellent for skeletal development as well as producing strong, healthy antlers. Deer typically find Buck Grub within 24-36 hours because of its toasted almond aroma, and because of its tasty meal form, it is also highly palatable. Buck Grub allows you to bring deer in and keep them there. "In-ground" attractants can breed parasites and spread disease in deer populations. Buck Grub avoids these hazards. It's ready to hunt straight out of the bag.
Evolved 7 Card Stud
The most adaptive food plot today. Incredible blend of forage variety plants. Covers you early, mid, and late season needs to attract and hold deer on your property. Blend consist of Triticale, Oats, Winter Peas, Clover, Chicory, Turnip, and Radishes. Deer simply can not resist.
Evolved Clover Crush Food Plot Blend
This special mix of perennial clovers can be plated in spring or fall and is adaptable most regions and climates. Nutritious forage clover attracts and retains deer in your area.
Evolved Pro Graze
Perennial forage attractant. Biologist developed forage crated to produce bigger bucks. Forage brassica, chickroy & clover.
Evolved Provide Clover
Large leaf perennial clover that you can plant spring, summer or fall. Perennial food plot with chickroy.
Evolved Shot-plot Forage Attractant
A premium mixture of Forage Brassicas that were developed to supplement & attract your deer herd. Forage brassicas are among the most palatable and nutritious annual forage that can be planted for deer. Shot Plot provides forage quickly by growing over 24" tall in about 45 days and once the Brassicas are mature, deer will begin to devour them as well as the forage plants surge with growth to replace the devoured leaves. 2.5 lbs. plants 1/2 acre.
Evolved Personal Plot Throw & Gro
Foot plot seed. Sweet fast growing forage. No-till forage. Plant hard to reach areas. Create a food plot where you hunt.
Evolved Ph Tester
The best way to ensure your plants reach their full potential is by determining if you have the proper soil conditions. The Harvest pH Meter not only indicates the amount of alkalinity or acidity in the soil, but also measures moisture content and light amounts.
Evolved Deer Co-Cain Black Magic
$16.49 - $21.99
A premium formulation with more mineral & flavor attractants that require no mixing and begins instantly attracting deer. Once placed on the bare ground, "Black Magic" immediately begins releasing vapors to lure deer into the beneficial mineral site. "Black Magic is enriched with calcium, phosphorus & sodium to continually contribute to the health of your deer herd.
Evolved Stump Likker
Bucks are attracted to the STUMP LIKKER site by mineral vapors of Deer Cane and the sweet smell of molasses. With each application, they really do... paw, knaw, & lick your stumps right out of the ground. STUMP LIKKER is made for stump tops and soaks into the stump, penetrating the decaying wood particles. When activated moisture, the mineral vapors and the aroma of sweet molasses fill the air. Stump Likker is available in liquid, block and dust.
Evolved Rack Up
A blend of Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Sodium & other minerals blended in with the beneficial attractants of Deer Cane to supply deer with a form they love to eat.
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Formulated to be the preferred source of minerals for your deer herd, Rack-Up Trophy Class contains more than double the minerals of most other deer mineral products. Rack-Up Trophy Class is loaded with the vital minerals calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and molasses. Grow bigger, healthier deer with Rack-Up Trophy Class.
Evolved Buck Jam
$15.49 - $16.49
Buck Jam is a juicy gel-like mineral lick that is jammed full of sweet fruit flavor & minerals. Deer are attracted instantly to the site, where they will begin licking & enjoying the minerals at once. The intense aromas attract and are reinforced by a flavor that keeps deer coming back....time & time again. Buck Jam is also a salt based mineral lick that will pattern deer into the area & a food bait attractant that uses the daily need of food/ draw deer to it.
Evolved Plot Additives
The Plot Mixers family of premium food plot additives allows you to customize your favorite food plot blend to add extra nutrition and increase palatability for your deer herd. Plot Mixers are available in three unique forage plant varieties including forage Radish, perennial Chicory and the hybrid T-Raptor forage rape and turnip cross. Each variety has been carefully chosen to enhance any food plot mix by adding one bottle of seeds to 2 - 10 pounds of your favorite food plot blend.
Evolved Bear Bait
Bait Station Bear Bait concentrates the attracting power of a pile of jelly donuts into a 32 oz bottle. Just squirt this gel like attractant over your bait piles and bear will come on a seek & destroy mission to find the bait. Once found, the bear will rummage for hours to lick-up every drop. This powerful attractant can be successfully used alone to attract bear and should be used with caution.
Evolved Deer Co-Cain
$13.99 - $15.49
A beneficial attractant based on the undying desire of deer to find and consume calcium and sodium. Deer co-Cain® is highly active which reacts with moisture to release calcium and sodium vapors to attract deer that desire nutritional supplements. Once activated, deer will lick, paw, urinate, and eat the soil consuming the needed minerals. Available in an gel, liquid, block and a mix.
Evolved Deer Co-Cain Liquid?
The original Deer co-Cain formulated into a concentrated ready to use liquid mineral attractant that drives deer crazy. Designed to deliver an easy to apply option combined with the amazing results of our original powdered mix. Once you put it out, watch out.
Evolved Deer Co-Cain Mix?
The original Deer co-Cain® mix. This is the habit forming powder concentrate that drives deer crazy. A beneficial attractant based on the undying desire of deer to find and consume calcium and sodium. Deer co-Cain® is highly active which reacts with moisture to release calcium and sodium vapors to attract deer that desire nutritional supplements. Once activated, deer will lick, paw, urinate, and eat the soil consuming the needed minerals.
Evolved Black Magic
$13.99 - $14.49
BLACK MAGIC is enriched with Calcium, Phosphorus and Sodium to increase the overall health of your deer herd. This Beneficial Mineral Attractant is available as Deer co-Cain Black Magic and Deer Cane Black Magic. Available in an Insta*Lick formula, liquid, block and a mix.
Evolved Deer Cane Apple UV
Deer Cane is a beneficial mineral supplement that attracts deer by releasing a mineral vapor trail. After initial application, moisture will cause these minerals to keep reacting and attracting deer. Bucks seeking minerals for overall health and rack development will be drawn to the site to lick, paw, mark and consume the minerals. Bucks will want to protect the Deer Cane site by rubbing, scraping and rolling in the mineral site to mark it as their own. The buck's action will naturally lead to the attraction of more deer. Over time, a large deer wallow will be created as many deer develop the habit of frequenting the site to consume the beneficial minerals.
Evolved Deer Co-Cain Block?
The original Deer co-Cain® formulated into a 12 lb. block of beneficial mineral attractants that drive deer crazy. Designed to deliver a full season of attraction and last longer in sandy soils.
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We've extracted real molasses and concentrated its sweet aroma to create this one of kind, long lasting and easy to use mineral lick. This discreet but powerful mineral attractant is perfect for spring, summer, fall and winter supplementation and will create a mineral site that lasts for months, even after the block is gone.
Evolved Buck Lickers Flavored Salt Blocks
Irresistibly flavored mineral blocks are pre-packaged with an extra punch of calcium and phosphorous to provide beneficial mineral nutrients, saturated with the taste that deer, elk, and moose crave. 4 lb blocks.
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