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Tinks #69 Doe-in-rut®
$22.99 - $519.99

#1 Doe-P simulates a doe in the area attracting both buck and doe all season. [more]

Tinks Gel Stream Trophy Buck

Internal Bag separates the urine from the pressurizing agent so there is no contamination. System allows the entire product to be dispensed. Sprays longer than traditional spray cans. Trophy Buck Lure is 100% natural rutting buck urine collected from dominant bucks and reinforced with tarsal gland… [more]

Wildlife Research Estrus Gold® Synthetic Scent
$13.99 - $46.99

Super premium synthetic doe estrous scent. Engineered to smell like fresh high quality doe estrous urine. Super charged with Scent Reflex technology for stronger more consistent responses. The Smell Your Trophy Buck has been Waiting for. [more]

Wildlife Research Golden Estrus

Fresh, super premium doe urine with estrus secretions. Each bottle is dated for use in the current hunting season and labeled with a unique serial number. [more]

Wildlife Research Golden Estrus Xtreme® Hunting Scent
$15.99 - $34.99

Intensified Golden Estrus Scent. Proprietary process makes it Stronger, More Intense, and Longer Reaching. Super Premium Natural Doe Urine with Estrus Secretions. [more]

Wildlife Research Golden Estrus

Wildlife Research Center® Golden Estrus® Deer Attractant uses premium doe urine with estrus secretions and Super Charged® Golden Estrus scent to bring bucks in from far and wide. This is a highly effective buck lure to use pre rut, peak rut, and during the secondary rut. Golden Estrus deer… [more]

Tinks Smokin Stick Honeysuckle Combo

Contains 6-#69X Doe Estrous and 6-Sweet honeysuckle. Scent adheres to everything it contacts. No mess. Perfect for cold climates. Scent lingers long after stick goes out. Smokes for approximately 2 hours. [more]

Wildlife Research Magnum Scrape-Dripper® Combo

Bring big bucks in close with this scrape and dispersal device combo. The Magnum Scrape-Dripper keeps your scrape fresh. It drips only during the day to convince a buck that a doe favors the spot only during daylight hours. It also shuts off during rainy weather, helping you to pattern the buck.… [more]

Tinks #69 Synthetic
$18.49 - $24.99

The Tinks No.69 Synthetic has been designed to function as the perfect scent for hunters to make certain their scents are totally masked to their target. A reliable hunting essence can make you pretty much undetectable to your subject. And thanks to the Tinks No.69 Synthetic there's never been a… [more]

Wildlife Research Active Scrape®

Active Scrape® is a blend of natural buck in rut urine combined with doe in heat urine. The smell of a strange buck in his territory enrages the dominant buck and the smell of a doe in heat sexually arouses him. [more]

Wildlife Research Hot Scrape Synthetic Scrape Scent

Keep your scrape fresh so the bucks keep coming back with Wildlife Research Center's Synthetic Hot-Scrape Combo. It drips only during the daylight hours so one bottle of scent lasts two to three weeks. Automatically intensifies scent over time to keep the bucks riled up. The Hot-Scrape scent is… [more]

Wildlife Research Synthetic Estrus? Hunting Scent
$15.99 - $24.99

Synthetic Estrus is a strong and premium synthetic doe Estrus scent. Enhanced with Scent Reflex? Technology, for stronger more consistent responses. Formulated to smell like a doe in heat. A real odds booster - to improve your luck. Most effective during Pre-Rut and Rut! [more]

Wildlife Research Ultimate Buck Lure
$6.29 - $24.99

Wildlife Research Center's Synthetic Ultimate Buck Lure combines synthetic doe estrus with additional attraction qualities to produce a lure that brings big bucks in during all hunting seasons. Super Charged® with Scent Reflex? to deliver stronger, more consistent scent. [more]

Code Blue Synthetic Moose Cow Urine

Code Blue advanced formulation Cow Moose synthetic scent uses advanced DNA technology to create a perfect match of nature and science. Synthetic cow moose scent that smells and attracts like the real thing.DNA technology allows Code Blue to create unique synthetic scents.16 fl oz. [more]

Deer Quest Deer Sense LG Combo

Deer Sense Large Combo 12 pack of sticks Contains 6 sticks of Sexual Attractant and 6 sticks of Curiosity. Both sticks could be burned together or separately. [more]

Code Blue Foaming Buck Urine

We've turned our Buck Urine into a foam for greater scent dispersal and long-reaching effectiveness. Foaming Estrous Urine clings where it is applied. Spray nozzle allows for no-mess application. [more]

Tinks Hot Shot® Power Scrape All Season Kit

Power Scrape All Season Kit can be used on natural or mock scrapes. These high-performance attractants help to pattern bucks to return to scrapes. The Power Scrape Starter conditions deer to scrape earlier in the season, while Power Scrape Finisher keeps them coming later in the season. The Power… [more]

Buck Bomb Xtrus Certified Doe 'N Estrus Bomb

The Buck Bomb Rut Kit includes both the 2oz Doe 'N Estrus as well as the 2oz BucRut scent, a classic and effective combination for use during the rut. Doe 'N Estrus is urine drawn from an estrus whitetail doe, while BucRut is urine collected from a whitetail buck at least 3.5 years of age. Use with… [more]

Wildlife Research #1 Select Estrus®

Natural doe in estrus urine droppings with a touch of musk added that makes it even hotter. This is the real deal and very effective during the rut. [more]

Code Blue Calming Zone Relaxing Scent

Calming Zone is made from the scents found in all natural deer bedding areas. This special formula is in a convenient easy to use twist container that creates less mess and easily rubs on any brush. The special screw on cap locks in the scent to prevent evaporation to keep this relaxing and… [more]

Code Blue D/Code Stealth Dust

The secret to Stealth Dust is the minerals its sock applicator releases as a fine powder onto a hunter's clothes. The dust created absorbs odor. Since the ingredients aren't a liquid, clothing stays dry with application. Stealth Dust has been specially formulated with the needs of deer, elk, hog,… [more]

E.L.K. Inc. Elk Scent
$13.49 - $18.49

Our Backcountry Lures 100% Elk Scent comes straight out of the Rocky Mountains. This Cow in Heat scent is sealed air-tight, fresh into amber bottles to prevent deterieration from the sun and other harmful UV rays. While attracting big bulls our scent will also help mask the human odors you emit in… [more]

Wildlife Research Hard Core #1 Raccoon Lure

Soak 10 20 drops of Hard-Core into a cotton ball or another type of scent dispenser. Place it so the raccoon must pass over the trap to reach the lure. If the lure is 6 to 12 above the ground or water, it will attract them from a greater distance. Add another 5 10 drops of lure every 5 to 7 days,… [more]

Wildlife Research Golden Doe® Hunting Scent

Territorial non-threatening curiosity appeal. Extra Premium doe urine gets their attention. Non-Threatening Curiosity Appeal. Works all season long. [more]

Buck Bomb Moose Mania Synthetic Liquid Attractant

Not many things are more exciting than getting close to a big bull moose. When a half-ton plus, testosterone filled giant starts tearing up the wood, things can get interesting in a hurry! Bring 'em in from far, far away with Buck Bomb Synthetic Moose Mania, which is synthetic moose urine than can… [more]

Buck Bomb Un-Bear-Able Synthetic Liquid Attractant

Buck Bomb un-BEAR-able Synthetic Bear Attractant is an extremely strong attractant that will lure in bears in areas where natural lures are illegal (including Canada). Un-BEAR-able contains a strong sweet smell of blueberries that bears can't resist, and is also lined with synthetic bear pheromones… [more]

Code Blue Whitetail Buck Urine Gel

When you're looking to draw in territorial bucks with a potent scent that weathers the elements and works throughout the season, Code Blue's Pure Buck Urine Gel is the ticket. Featuring a viscous honey-like consistency, this long-lasting gel formula goes on thick and stays on, providing effective… [more]

Buck Bomb Bear Bomb Cake Icing

With Bear Bomb Cake Icing, you can appeal to a bear's appetite even if baiting isn't allowed where you hunt. Since the 5 ounces of attractant spray in each aerosol can has no nutritional value, it isn't considered bait. That said: Its enticing sweet scent is also an irresistible compliment to bait… [more]

Code Blue Whitetail Doe Urine Scent Drag System

The perfect pair. Code Blue's Whitetail Doe Urine, collected under a certified and numbered process, with the rugged, highly absorbent scent drag system. Don't settle for the rest, get the only "one of a kind" deer drag in the industry. Perfect for use all season long. [more]

77 Results
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