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Buck Stop Estrous Doe Urine
Buck Stop combines Estrus doe urine with a special binding agent to create a long lasting formula that last for hours. Can be used on scents pads. Use during the pre-rut and breed phases of the rut. Apply in several locations near hunting stand.
Buck Stop Buc Plus?
This carefully balanced combination of rutting buck urine and estrus doe urine attracts all deer species. Covers all human and foreign odors, too.
Buck Stop Hyper Synthetic Formulas
HYPER Synthetic FormulaS, 4 oz of powerful scent. Plastic bottle with flip top applicator. Brings deer in close. FREE scent wick included.
Buck Stop Food & Cover Scents
When hunting, human odor is your worst enemy, but these scents will help you go undetected. From skunk to red fox, our cover scents are your best camouflage and an equally effective lure. Each food scent is enhanced with natural deer musk.
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