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Scent Crusher Ozone Hunters Closet

Get the competitive edge. The Hunter's Closet provides an easy and effective way for hunters to eliminate all odors on clothing and equipment so you are ready for the next hunt. The digital generator emits a chemical free ozone that starts destroying odors within 30 minutes. The closet is easy to… [more]

Scent Crusher Hard Tote

Store everything in this easy stow and go unit. Toss this rigid container in the back of the truck with no worries about the weather or wear and tear. All your hunting items will be fresh and ready for your next hunting excursion when you arrive. The Scent Crusher is a heavy duty 40 gal. container… [more]

Scent Crusher Realtree Ozone Gear Bag

The Scent Crusher RealTree Ozone Gear Bag provides an easy and effective way for hunters to eliminate all odors before and after the hunt. Utilize the power of ozone with our system to quickly destroy all bacteria causing odors. Simply place your gear in the bag, zip it up and set the timer. The… [more]

Scent Crusher Roller Bag

This bag makes traveling look easy. The Roller Bag by Scent Crusher comes with all the amenities of the Scent Crusher Gear Bag but gives you the extra space needed for those long hunting trips. Similar to most luggage pieces, the roller bag has incorporated an extendable handle and heavy duty… [more]

Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag

This Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag features Ozone Activated Technology that effectively eliminates all odors on your gear. Soaps, sweat, food... you name it! This advanced technology works by killing all organisms that cause odors including bacteria and virus. Plus, it's 100% chemical free and won't… [more]

Scent Crusher Equipment Boot Station

The Scent Crusher Boot Dryer utilizes ozone activated technology to not only dry your boots but eliminate any odors. The ozone activated technology is perfect for hunters that need to cover there scent. This boot dryer is a better alternative to scents and sprays because it does not rely on… [more]

Scent Crusher Room Clean

The Scent Crusher Room Clean unit plugs into any standard 110 volt AC outlet to release ozone and rid unwanted odor. Set the variable ozone output and the desired time foruse inany room.Take this portable unit to the cabin, use at home,or on the go in an RV to rid bacteria causing odors in 30… [more]

Nose Jammer Counter Display

Nose jammer creates a cloud around you which jams big games ability to detect and track human odor. Nose jammer should be sprayed on clothes, boots, treestands, blinds and brush. When the wind swirls animals olfactory gets jammed and they stay unalarmed. [more]

Scent-A-Way Scent Safe Duffle Bags
$64.99 - $129.99

Hunters Specialties® developed Scent-Safe? bags as part of the Scent-A-Way® system to keep unwanted odors out and cover scents in. The Scent-Safe? 45L Duffel Bag is the perfect size to keep a weekend's worth of hunting clothes and gear free from odors, while the 90L bag is large enough for a full… [more]

Dead Down Wind Dryer Sheets

Dead Down Wind's. Dryer Sheets deliver odor elimination coupled with anti-static performance while adding a natural, forest aroma. [more]

Wildlife Research Scent Killer® Spray - Super Charged®
$7.69 - $45.99

With Hunt Dry® Technology, for Hunting Outerwear and Boot Bottoms. Now 99% 10 Days After Drying! Attacks a wide range of odors - most importantly - Human Odor. Special Odorless Formula?. Fights odors at the molecular level. Keeps working, even after drying. Heavy application works for days. High… [more]

Scent-A-Way MAX Ultimate Hunting Kit

Strictly following steps 1 (clothes), 2 (body) and 3 (field) of the 3-step scent control system is vital to being scent-free in the woods and staying undetected by big deer, elk, moose and other big game. The Scent-A-Way® MAX Odorless Ultimate HuntingKit includes all the key items of each step all… [more]

Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold Kit

Get all your odor-fighting needs in one money-saving package. Wildlife Research Center's Scent Killer Gold Kit includes a 12-oz. Spray Bottle with Hunt Dry® technology, 2.25-oz. Antiperspirant and Deodorant Stick, 5-oz. Bar Soap with Anti-Odor? formula, 18-oz. Laundry Detergent free of UV… [more]

Scent Crusher Ozone Go- Vehicle Air Cleaner

The Scent Crusher Ozone Go is designed to remove odors and contaminants from your vehicle using the power of ozone. The chemical free ozone destroys odors in 30 minutes. Simply plug the unit into your vehicle's 12-volt outlet for hassle-free use. Declared Best New Product at the ATA Hunting Show. [more]

Wildlife Research Scent Killer Super Charged Kit

Super Charged Scent Killer spray for hunting outerwear and boot bottoms. Now more effective than before. Goes beyond 99 percent. When fully treated, your hunting clothes can effectively become a high powered scent elimination suite. [more]

Dead Down Wind Scent Prevent? Bag

Dead Down Wind All Purpose Scent Control Bag has a water resistant rugged 3 layer construction. It has a large main clothing and gear compartment perfect for hunting apparel, boots or waders. Also, an exterior storage pocket for your smaller items and interlocking handle making it easy to carry. [more]

Scent-A-Way MAX Shower Kit

In order to beat the nose of wild game, start with Step 1 of the Scent-A-Way® system - the body. The Scent-A-Way® MAX Shower Kit includes all the items needed to be odorless while cleaning up before or after a hunt. Includes a convenient HS shower bag to keep supplies together. This kit includes:… [more]

Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit

Evolve 3D+ features advanced enzyme technology to eliminate an unmatched broad spectrum of odors. Skin Safe No Biocides. 3D+ Broad Spectrum Technology The most effective field spray to control a broad range of odors - not just human perspiration! The #1 Field Spray in the industry for hunters who… [more]

Hunters Specialties Cover Scent Wafers
$10.49 - $25.99

Patented Scent Wafer technology makes pure, concentrated scents part of the wafer itself. These wafers are long-lasting and naturally refresh themselves when returned to their storage container after use. For fast and effective scent cover, hang your Scent Wafers from nearby branches or pin them to… [more]

Scent-A-Way 10Pc Box Kit Earth

Features activated odor scrubbers. Attract and aggressively attack bacterial odors. Quicker and stronger scent control that lasts longer. 10 piece kit. Great kit for all types of hunters. [more]

Wildlife Research Scent Killer® Gold® Autumn Formula®
$15.99 - $24.99

With HUNT DRY® Technology Plus +?. Specialized blend of advanced odor fighting ingredients engineered to fight and help prevent human odor while adding a subtle scent of the woods and forest. Scientifically formulated to last longer. Works both wet and dry. 24 fluid ounce. Autumn formula spray with… [more]

Dead Down Wind Whitetail Ambush Kit

The Dead Down Wind Whitetail Ambush Kit combines laundry, personal hygiene and field spray for maximum odor control. An 8-oz bottle of laundry detergent cleans and deodorizes your hunting apparel to ensure you make the most of your hunting trip. The 8-oz body and hair wash eliminates human scent to… [more]

Dead Down Wind Evolve3 Scentprevent?
$8.99 - $19.99

Prevents and terminates a broader spectrum of odor molecules including human, smoke, gas, and other synthetic contaminant odors. It is the last line of defense against any alarming contaminant scent a hunter may acquire before and during the hunt. The sprayer is an inverted technology that will… [more]

Wildlife Research Scent Killer® Autumn Formula®
$7.69 - $19.99

This spray is a high-powered human odor elimination formula that has been chemically blended with the scent of autumn woods and fields. The result is a very mild masking scent effect along with high-powered scent elimination qualities. Engineered to fight human odor while adding a subtle scent of… [more]

Nose Jammer Aerosol Spray
$12.99 - $19.49

The compounds in our secret Nose Jammer formula are emitted by trees, shrubs, & grasses. Delivering these natural aromatic compounds at concentrated levels effectively jams up big game animals sense of smell without alarm. 4 oz aerosol. [more]

Nose Jammer Predator Aerosol Field Spray

Nose Jammer Predator is specifically formulated to overwhelm a predator's sense of smell without alarm. This formula utilizes compounds that continue to be emitted by trees, shrubs and grasses during the months when predators are hunted most. [more]

Hunters Specialties Blade Driver

The quietest scent delivery system in the woods, this device spins the scent infused Wafer Blades to create a cloud of cover scent or attractant scent. Runs on 2 AAA batteries. Includes one Fresh Earth Wafer Blade. Includes lanyard for hanging on stand or blind. 8 hours of use on one set of… [more]

Scent-A-Way MAX Odor Control Combo

On your next hunting trail, reduce your scent so your game has no idea you're hot on their trail with the Scent-A-Way Odor Control Max set. This set includes two bottles of the powerful Scent-A-Way solution, which works swiftly in a two-step process. First, the formula attracts odor-causing… [more]

Scent-A-Way Strike Spray
$11.49 - $17.49

Uses Nanoshield technology to increase molecular surface area for increased odor elimination. 99.9% effective at destroying actual, not replicated human odor. Colorless and odorless. Perfect for whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, moose and predator hunters. [more]

Code Blue D/Code Field Spray Combo

Code Blue® D/Code? Scent Elimination Field Spray incorporates Dual Action technology to minimize both human odor caused by bacteria and other offensive foreign odors, such as dogs, food, vehicle exhaust, campfire and tobacco smoke. D/Code consists of natural ingredients and medical grade, patented… [more]

106 Results
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