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Trail Marking Accessories

HME Trail Markers
$2.59 - $6.79
The 1½" orange trail markers are highly reflective and durable vinyl material and heavy duty metal clip providing years of dependable use.
HME Reflective Trail Ribbon W/Tacks
150' of bright orange trail-marking ribbon, complete with a heat seal to prevent unraveling. Includes 50 tacks for quick, easy attachment to trees.
HME Trail Markers Ribbon
150' Long environmentally safe and photo degradable. Features heavy duty heat seal to both sides of the ribbon, that will prevent the ribbon from unraveling during use or when storing. I
HME Highly Reflective Trail Tacks
Reflective trail marker tacks. Stepped shank areas and super sharp post for easy placement and removal. Ideal as trail markers in the woods to prevent disorientation. Reflective face allows you to easily locate your trail in low light or dark conditions. Quantity: 50 tacks.
HME Trail Markers Reflective Tacks
Highly reflective trail marking tacks. Visible up to 200 yards. The RT-50-W has the traditional white reflective face and are easily locatable in low light or dark conditions.
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