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Ice creepers

Yaktrax Diamond Grip Ice Trekkers
Diamond Grips provide aggressive traction for all winter walking conditions, from boilerplate ice to backcountry snow and everything in between. They are also effective when transitioning through gravel, rock and mud from icy surfaces. Made of case hardened steel alloy, and strung on steel aircraft cable, the patented Diamond Beads have hundreds of biting edges that grip in all directions. The bead assemblies are riveted to a tough rubber sling which remains elastic in subzero temperatures. They are easy to put on and take off, yet fit snugly and stay on without the need for additional straps. Diamond Grips are also self clearing, so there is no snow or ice build up. There is no other traction footwear product like it!
Korkers Apex Ice Cleats
20 Multi-directional saw-tooth stainless steel cleats offer superior grip on hard packed snow and ice. Patent-pending design allows cleats to be mechanically bonded into the TPR platform through injection molding process. Pliable TPR support frame contours and fits securely over and around a wide range of shoes and boots. Material: Stainless Steel.
Due North Traction Aids
$24.99 - $31.99
All Purpose designed for people who want more stability and confidence on ice and snow. The versatile Everyday traction aid is ideal for casual, dress or athletic footwear. Ultra light, compact, easy to put on and take off, and economically priced. Oversize specially designed with a deeper toe box and wider sole for oversized footwear, such as rugged work and Pac-style boots.Product features 6 replaceable Ice Diamond tungsten carbide spikes for maximum grip. Spike diamond pattern allows more push off and lateral grip. Bi-directional tread for added traction. Special compound rubber retains elasticity and fit in all temperatures. Quick FitTM support rings and holes provide easy adjustment and easier on and off. Wide, thick heel strap gives better grip, durability and longer wear. Oversize traction features a Extra wide, extra thick heel strap . No straps, snaps or buckles. Lightweight - footwear and product become one. Compact - stores easily in handbag, briefcase, glove box or pocket.
Expedition Trail Walk Tek
Perfect for enhancing your stability and provide support on different types of terrain, these Trail Walk Tek aluminum trekking poles are essential for your next hiking, fishing, hunting, or mountaineering trip. Tube size: 18/16/14mm. 6061 Aluminum. Anti-shock. Carbon tip.
Korkers Ultra Ice Cleats
Sure-footed traction on icy surfaces! Korkers Ultra Ice Cleats deliver non-slip traction over the slipperiest of surfaces. Ice and snow won't stop you! Great for everything from ice fishing to continuing your running routine in the winter to just making it across the parking lot without fear of falling! Fits over your favorite shoes or boots; Provides solid traction whether you're standing, walking or running; 16 steel studs grip the ice for sure-footed stability; One size fits most; Construction: Rubber with steel studs
Yaktrax ® Pro
Made of a natural rubber blend equipped with a removable performance strap that was designed for stability. 360° of traction.
Due North Everyday Pro Traction Aids
Ideal for the expert or novice runner who needs additional traction on ice and snow. Featuring an enhanced design and improved shape, the Everyday Pro will give you extra confidence when running or training in icy and snowy conditions. The Everyday Pro's webbed sole design and newly designed deep toe-box provides a secure fit and adapts to the shape of almost any style of shoe or boot in your closet. The increased traction will help prevent slips and falls on ice and snow, which will help reduce the risk of pulled muscles, fractured bones or even back problems caused by a quick slip or fall. When not in use, the compact design makes them easy to store in small places such as, your coat pocket, handbag, briefcase or the glove box in your vehicle.
Yaktrax Chain Ice Trekkers
Think of Ice Trekkers Chains as tire chains for your feet, perfect for all ice and snow conditions. Chains can be used on a variety of footwear and are comfortable for extended wear. The square links are individually TIG welded and made from case-hardened steel, enhancing traction on ice while still providing dependable traction on snow. The durable rubber sling is flexible in sub-zero temperatures and stays securely on footwear even in deep snow.
Yaktrax Tungsten Carbine Spike
Turn your shoes into a Zamboni, with Icetrekkers Spikes. Excellent for navigating icy streets, parking lots and driveways, Icetrekkers Spikes can be used with a variety of footwear. They are easy to put on and to take off, and stay on the footwear without the need for buckles or straps. Icetrekkers Spikes have 7-point contact on the ball and heel of the foot, providing grip even in glare ice conditions. Spikes are made with tungsten carbide - the same tough steel used in high speed router bits. For added durability, the tungsten carbide tips are encased in an alloy steel housing.
Due North Everyday G3 Ice & Snow Traction Aids
The versatile Due North Everyday G3 Traction Aids are ideal for outdoor winter activities that require urban and light-duty casual, dress and athletic footwear. Whether you're shoveling the sidewalk, walking the dog or just running errands, the lightweight yet durable design of these Traction Aids will give you the confidence you need when walking or running on icy and snowy conditions. The webbed sole design allows the Due North Everyday Traction Aid to adapt to the shape of your shoe, working with almost any style of shoe in your closet and its low profile fit means it's nearly invisible to the eye. When not in use, the compact design makes them easy to store in small places such as, your coat pocket, handbag, briefcase or the glove box in your car.
Korkers Original Ice Cleat
Strap them on and hit the ice! Reduce your chance of slipping on ice and snow by adding a pair of PolarTrax to traditional outdoor footwear. Featuring stretch rubber that secures the cleat to your shoe or boot, and equipped with 12 steel studs adding traction where you need it. Compact and easy to store, making them perfect to keep in a vehicle for emergency situations.
Eagle Claw Safety Treads
Eagle Claw Positive Grip Safety Treads LARGE (US sz. 8-11). These are designed for reducing the inherent risk of walking on icy or slippery surfaces. These are very popular for ice fishing. The black rubber safety cleats are easy to pull on and off your boots or shoes. These cleats feature four rows of steel "teeth" under the front of the foot.
HT Ice Safety Deluxe Retractable Polar Picks
Retractable heads cover the picks when not being used. Super grip EVA handles. Non stretch extra long lanyard. Super strong steel picks. Includes ice safety instructions.
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