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Ice fishing line

Northland Bionic Ice Braid
A high quality no stretch superline utilizing innovative 4-carrier Balanced Braid Technology?. Constructed with micro-sized deniers of PE fibers, it pro- vides anglers with a rounder, limper and tougher braid. Coated with a low friction anti-freeze skin, this braid resists freezing and stays limp and manageable on reels. 40 yards.
Northland Fluorosilk
It can do it all! It has the invisibility and higher density of fluorocarbon along with the knot strength and manageability of mono. This strong, dependable line has a co-polymer nylon core coating with an "invisible to fish" ultra-slick fluorocarbon coating. 100 Yards. Clear.
Northland Bionic Ice Line
The BIONIC ICE® LINE is a premium smooth, tough and dependable monofilament designed for cold weather performance by ice fishing guru Brian "Bro" Brosdahl and the legendary Team Northland® Pro Staff. It is engineered with the balanced properties of strength, lite-bite sensitivity, ultimate invisibility and silky smooth flexibility needed to put more and bigger fish on ice. This is a premium line you can depend on for Extreme Cold Weather Performance! 125 Yards
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