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Ice fishing rod holders

HT Deluxe Ice Rod Rack
Allows four racks per four foot modular.
HT Wind Jigger Rod Holder
Jigs your rod combo with the slightest breeze. 3 Different angle settings. Universal for any rod.
HT Shelter Ice Rod Holder
The shelter ice rod holder has been specially designed to attach to the pipes inside your popular ice shelters. Holds all types of rod/reel combos.
HT Rod Holder- Clamp-On Bucket Style
Rod Holder Clamp-On, Bucket Style. This product is a durable and designed for ice fishing applications.
HT Bucket Master Rod Holder
HT Bucket Master Bucket Rod Holder. Easily clips on your bucket for hands-free fishing! Securely holds your rod combo.
HT Power Ice Rod Holder
10" Screw Down
HT Little Jigger Rod Stand
Keep your ice combo secured off the ice with the HT Enterprises Little Jigger Rod Holder. Not only does the Little Jigger act as a rod holder, but its unique design keeps your set-up slush-free for optimal performance. Plus the Little Jigger Rod Holder is lightweight and collapses for convenient storage and easy transport.
HT Wire Rod Holder
$2.49 - $2.99
Great for holding that second jig rod securely, yet the rod is still easily accessible when a fish strikes. Neon orange.
HT Pail Wire Rod Holder
Holds second jig rod securely, yet the rod is easily accessible when fish strikes. This holder attaches to the rim of almost any kind of pail. Made of the same quality material as the regular wire rod holder.
HT Lock-On Rod Stand
Wire form. Foam protects rod handle or blank from wire form. Clips to any size rod handle or blank.
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