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Ice lures

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Northland UV Glo-Buster Flashlight

The newest most powerful lure light in the world 12 UV LED bulbs, 200% more powerful than a traditional LED bulb. Glows your spoon, jig or hooks 10 times longer... [more]

Lakco Depthfinders
$19.08 - $79.50

Molded in a bell shape so that they can be set down on a fish house floor or boat seat and stay put. [more]

K&E Ant

This lure is a hackle dressed wet fly on a #12 hook. Good for trout and panfish. [more]

K&E Moon Scales

Assorted colors. [more]

Custom Jigs Demon Jigs
$3.49 - $39.99

Features a beetle-shaped body and a two-toned high gloss finish. It has a nickel spoon back on the fluorescent colors and is painted on both sides in the Glow Brite finishes. [more]

Custom Jigs Demon Jigs
$3.49 - $39.99

Features a beetle-shaped body and a two-toned high gloss finish. It has a nickel spoon back on the fluorescent colors and is painted on both sides in the Glow Brite finishes. [more]

HT Alligator Depthfinders
$1.79 - $37.99

DFA-50 - Bulk. Two tone. DFA-2 -1 oz. [more]

Custom Jigs Rat Finkee
$3.29 - $36.99

The horizontal presentation of the Rat finkee makes it a universal lure for all species of fish. A fine balanced lead head with a plastic body molded over a gold hook makes the Rat finkee one of the most effective jigs ever created. [more]

Eagle Claw Ice Tackle Box Kit

Includes 5 Tear Drop glow glitter Ice Jigs, 5 Striped ice jigs, and 1 ice jig tool all packed in a pop open compartment tackle box (6-3/4"x4½"x1-3/4". [more]

K&E Moon Shad-O

A great new "Natural" look to this moon jig. Painted to imitate an injured minnow. [more]

K&E Glitter & Glow Jigs

A hybrid of the moon glow and the moon glitter, this jig features a glow front with a contrasting dot and a painted fluorescent back with glitter. [more]

K&E Moon Glow Jigs
$15.48 - $30.96

The Moon Glow Jig is one of our most popular jigs. Its moon shaped body resembles larva... and sends fish into a "feeding frenzy". It's also easily seen on electronics. Brilliant colors that attract fish day or night... even in stained or muddy water. Tip with minnow or grub. [more]

Acme Kastmaster Chrome & Gold Kit

Kastmaster's balance produces wild action without line twist! Because of its aerodynamic design, it's the master distance caster, and catches fish from pan-sized trout to bragging sized stripers in fresh and salt water. The Kastmaster is precision machined. It will not break, bend or corrode and it… [more]

JB Lures Eye Drops

The Eye Drop is a round blade soldered to a Kahle Hook. The wide gap gives an improved hook set, when a larger minnow is used for bait, particularly when fished vertically. Very effective when tip-up fishing. [more]

K&E Moxy Jigs

Long slender body with attached metal wings. [more]

HT Marmooska

Bumble Bee shaped body with black eyes on both sides. Glow-in-the-Dark! [more]

K&E Dot Rocker

Features strong forged hook and a slender curved body. [more]

K&E Poly Jigs
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Similar to the Honey Jig, but available only in all nickel or all gold finish. [more]

JB Lures Weevil Tungsten Ice Jig

The Weevil is made of Tungsten and painted here in the United States. The Tungsten series allows fisherman to get down faster in the fish zone and even help rip through underwater weeds or slush which may build up in the fish hole. Heavy little lures with a great hook set. Use for ice fishing as… [more]

Best Minnesota Teardrops

When it comes to ice fishing, the Tear Drop® outsells and out-catches them all! This lure was perfected by Art Best many years ago, and is still soldered and painted by hand in the USA, using top quality Mustad Hooks. Nickel Back. [more]

Custom Jigs Diamond Jigs
$3.29 - $19.08

A small Compact Jig that fishes "heavy" for deeper Bluegill & Crappie. The Diamond Jig offers excellent hooking potential because the hook rides at a 45° angle. 12 Per card. [more]

Custom Jigs Gill Pill Jigs

The Half Moon head of the Gill Pill gives it an enticing fluttering motion during the drop that fish find irresistible. 12 Per card. [more]

Custom Jigs Purest

Features a lightweight soft plastic body molded over a gold-plated hook. An excellent shallow water choice since a Purest perfectly imitates the daphnia and fresh water shrimp which panfish feed upon heavily. [more]

JB Lures Spin-Drop Teardrop

Spin-Drops are a Teardrop with a propeller to add flash and movement. Propellers are slotted and may be added to your line or other lures where they fit. Comes in three sizes and 6 colors. Really sweet for Panfish. 12 per card. [more]

K&E Dot Comet

Small oval blade hand soldered to a size 10 hook. [more]

K&E Dot Tiny Tear

The Tiny Tear features a gold size hook. [more]

K&E Panfish Lure Kits
$6.59 - $18.99

Comes in a handy plastic box pack. [more]

NW Metro Tackle Tungsten Rain Drop Jig
$3.09 - $18.54

Not only does our Raindrop Tungsten Jig stay sharper, drop faster and last longer, we've also 24 gold plated it making it irresistable to fish. Gold jigs have been a fisherman's go to' color for the past 100 years. Tip with minnow or waxworm. Available in sizes #8LS (Long Shank), #8, #10, #12 and… [more]

VMC Flash Champ Spoon Kit
$13.49 - $15.99

When conditions call for both brawn and beauty the VMC Flash Champ spoon is the answer. Constructed of heavy duty Brass the spoon can manage continuous attacks by large game fish or schools of aggressive panfish. Beveled edges and tapered design offer an enticing fluttering action. While an array… [more]

261 Results
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