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Ice lures

23 Results
Custom Jigs Demon Jigs
$3.49 - $39.99

Features a beetle-shaped body and a two-toned high gloss finish. It has a nickel spoon back on the fluorescent colors and is painted on both sides in the Glow Brite finishes. [more]

Custom Jigs Demon Jigs
$3.49 - $39.99

Features a beetle-shaped body and a two-toned high gloss finish. It has a nickel spoon back on the fluorescent colors and is painted on both sides in the Glow Brite finishes. [more]

Custom Jigs Rat Finkee
$3.29 - $36.99

The horizontal presentation of the Rat finkee makes it a universal lure for all species of fish. A fine balanced lead head with a plastic body molded over a gold hook makes the Rat finkee one of the most effective jigs ever created. [more]

Custom Jigs Diamond Jigs
$3.29 - $19.08

A small Compact Jig that fishes "heavy" for deeper Bluegill & Crappie. The Diamond Jig offers excellent hooking potential because the hook rides at a 45┬░ angle. 12 Per card. [more]

Custom Jigs Gill Pill Jigs

The Half Moon head of the Gill Pill gives it an enticing fluttering motion during the drop that fish find irresistible. 12 Per card. [more]

Custom Jigs Purest

Features a lightweight soft plastic body molded over a gold-plated hook. An excellent shallow water choice since a Purest perfectly imitates the daphnia and fresh water shrimp which panfish feed upon heavily. [more]

Custom Jigs Drop Chain

When fish are finicky and won't hit your jigging spoon, it's time to switch things up. By adding a Pro Finesse Dropper Chain Hook to your favorite spoon you'll turn those sniffers into takers. [more]

Custom Jigs Pro Glow Slinder Spoon

A haunting red for Lake of the Woods and bright blue for the Dakotas! And that's just scratching the icy surface. New for 2016 are eight ultra-bright and long-lasting Pro-Glow patterns with high-end UV coating in the Pro Series Slender Spoon family and in all four sizes from the tiny 1/16th to 1/8… [more]

Custom Jigs Rattling RPM Minnow

Perfect for stained waters or any situation where sonics are required to attract fish from afar, the Rattlin' RPM features a multi-BB rattle built right into the tail section! [more]

Custom Jigs Rotating Power Minnow

Features a unique eyelet that swivels to minimize line twist while imparting life-like action. A wide glide to fish far off the side of the hole, maximizing your fishable space. No nose hook to get hung up inside the hole. Various forage-matching colors. A smaller, more compact profile to entice… [more]

Custom Jigs Slender Spoon
$3.29 - $3.79

Bent ultralight spoon offering incredible action and flashy attraction. It comes complete with a size 1 or 2 snap, which promotes fluid movement. [more]

Custom Jigs Chekai Tungsten Jigs
$2.49 - $3.49

Checkai (Check-Eye) - Available in 12 HOT colors combinations and 4 sizes, the Checkai jig is made from 100% TUNGSTEN, also utilizing Premium Owner hooks, so it falls quick and shows up big on locators. You will get a ton of action from this compact jig that is a great choice for all Panfish… [more]

Custom Jigs Demon Jigging Spoons

All Demon Jigging Spoons are painted on both sides in hot new colors. They have ultra sharp Mustad Red hooks for added attraction. These spoons are great for panfish like bluegill, perch and crappie. Plus, the larger sizes are hot for Walleye, Eelpout, Bass and Trout. The size 6 weighs 1/20 oz,… [more]

Custom Jigs Nuclear Ant

A vertical presentation with the addition of a Finesse Plastic four-legged ant collar. The leg collars are interchangeable and replaceable for mix and match presentations. The Nuclear Ant is a great shallow water choice when fish are aggressive or when a subtle action is needed to entice. [more]

Custom Jigs Ratso

Ratso - A Super Soft ultra-slim Finesse Plastic body on a precision lead head jig catches slab-sized panfish when conventional methods fail. Gives a horizontal presentation similar to that of a small minnow. In shallow water situations, use a dark house and peer down the hole. A bright headed Ratso… [more]

Custom Jigs RF10-CS-015 Rat Finkee

Rat Finkee Size 10 Pink [more]

Custom Jigs RF10-CS-HO8 Rat Finkee

Rat Finkee Size 10 Hot Orange [more]

Custom Jigs RF8-CS-015 Rat Finkee

Rat Finkee Size 8 Pink [more]

Custom Jigs RF8-CS-H08 Rat Finkee

Rat Finkee Size 8 Hot Orange [more]

Custom Jigs Jaje Tungsten Bug

New for 2018, Custom Jigs & Spins is proud to introduce the JaJe (pron. yah-yee), a unique tungsten fly with an attitude. It has a heavy, brightly-colored head designed to keep the super sharp Japanese hook riding at a 30-degree angle for instant hook sets on big panfish! The buzzer-style fly… [more]

Custom Jigs Glazba Tungsten Jig

Custom Jigs & Spins brings a little bling to hardwater! The Glazba (pron. glahz-bah) has a ton of attitude in a tiny tungsten body! Its tiny diamond nose picks up light refractions and brightens the day for bluegills, crappies and other panfish. The diamond-shaped body is front-loaded and designed… [more]

Custom Jigs Majmun Tungsten Jig

Majm?n (pron. my-moon) Available in 10 colors and 4 sizes, the Majm?n has superb hooking power thanks to the high-quality Owner® hook, an unobstructed hook gap, and the jig's slightly off-the-horizontal-axis orientation. [more]

Custom Jigs Wedgee

A wispy thin piece of Finesse Plastic with anise scent for added attraction. The Wedgee will take the place of live bait when fish like crappie and bluegill want something a little different. [more]

23 Results
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