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Ice lures

K&E Ant
This lure is a hackle dressed wet fly on a #12 hook. Good for trout and panfish.
K&E Moon Flipz
This product must be purchased in quantities of 24.
K&E Moon Scales
Assorted colors.
K&E Moon Shad-O
A great new "Natural" look to this moon jig. Painted to imitate an injured minnow.
K&E Black Moon Jigs
An assortment of black moon jigs with assorted glitter colors.
K&E Glitter & Glow Jigs
A hybrid of the moon glow and the moon glitter, this jig features a glow front with a contrasting dot and a painted fluorescent back with glitter.
K&E Moon Glitter Jigs
The Moon Glitter features each side painted a different color with contrasting dot on front and sprinkled with glitter on the back.
K&E Moon Glow Jigs
$15.48 - $33.36
The Moon Glow Jig is one of our most popular jigs. Its moon shaped body resembles larva... and sends fish into a "feeding frenzy". It's also easily seen on electronics. Brilliant colors that attract fish day or night... even in stained or muddy water. Tip with minnow or grub.
K&E Fairy Jigs
$6.89 - $23.88
Tear drop jig with metal wings. Painted front, metal back.
K&E Moxy Jigs
Long slender body with attached metal wings.
K&E Dot Rocker
Features strong forged hook and a slender curved body.
K&E Poly Jigs
Similar to the Honey Jig, but available only in all nickel or all gold finish.
K&E Sitka Shad Jig
Sz6 Assorted 12Cd
K&E Dot Tiny Tear
The Tiny Tear features a gold size hook.
K&E Panfish Lure Kits
$6.89 - $18.99
Comes in a handy plastic box pack.
K&E Moon Jig Kit
Kit includes six assorted Moon Jigs, two floats, two pegs and a depth finder.
K&E Moon Jigs
$2.69 - $6.89
Various color options to choose from.
K&E Smelt Stick
Great for Smelt and also for Perch, Bluegill. Crappie, Walleye, and more.
K&E Pelkie Tungsten Jigs
$2.69 - $2.79
Tungsten weight ice jigs with ultras sharp hooks. Tungsten is heavier than lead so you can use a smaller profile jig. Extra sharp hooks, semi - balanced style for great action when jigged. Glass bead on collar for added attraction. Single Pack.
K&E Tapiola Tungsten Jigs
The tungsten design adds a semi-balanced design with a flat bottom and curved top. The shape causes an erratic darting action, irresistible to all panfish.
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