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Ice Spears,Gaffs & Decoys

Lakco Spear Tine
Greater holding power with double/triple barbs. Metal head cover to protect the spear head. 7 spokes. Length: 58".
Lakco Decoy Harness
Minnow stays alive longer and swims naturally because there are no pins used.
Lakco Sucker Pin
This weighted sucker pin limits the movement of large decoy minnows, while the swivel allows within the harness.
Lakco Quality Tackle Spearing Decoy
This decoy from Lakco is made of hardwood and is weighted with metal fins. The metal tail can be adjusted to swim in any circular fashion desired. They are lighter than most other decoys and deliver a natural finesse in the water.
Lakco Plastic Decoys
Provides realistic motion. Fishlike features including fins and eyes.
Lakco Plastic Perch Spearing Decoys
Lakco's new plastic perch spearing decoy is the most realistic looking decoy on the market. Perfect action makes this decoy a must have for any spearing enthusiast.
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