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Misc Ice Fishing

HT Ice Blue Gear Bag
Works great for tods and tip-ups, keeps gear organized and tangle free. Protects gear from damage. Multi pouches for tackle.
HT Heavy Duty Deep Well Minnow Nets
This net has a deeper and heavier mesh for increased durability. MNH-1A includes assortment of Neon Orange, Neon Green and Neon Yellow. 1169-0067, 0066, 0157
HT Shelter Light
Super bight, lightweight 3-way LED shelter lighting system. 51/4" diameter. Great for charging glow lures. Works with 4"AA" batteries.
HT Ice Anchor Power Drive Tool
The HT Enterprises Ice Anchor Power Drive Tool is designed to quickly and easily screw shelter anchors into the ice. The universal design allows it to be used with all types of ice anchors. The Ice Anchor Power Drive Tool can be used with any 3/8" or larger portable power drill to secure or remove ice anchors. It is recommended that you use an 18 volt or larger drill for best performance. The HT Enterprises Ice Anchor Power Drive Tool takes all of the work out of using ice anchors.
HT Polar Rod Guard
HT Polar Rod Guard durable plastic sleeve slides over the top rod tip and the stops at the reel. The elastic band secures the tube to the combo. The top of the tube is open to allow for extremely long rods. Keep your rigged combo tangle free! Great inside rod bags and cases. Perfect for protecting your rods and combos while transporting or storage.
HT Hard Core Bait Safe
$4.69 - $9.49
Virtually indestructible keeping your live bait safe
HT Micro Pro Jig Box
Jig boxes. Choose 5 or 10 compartment boxes.
HT T-Type Shelter Anchor
The "T" head features a soft rubber coating for additional comfort during use in cold weather, and the aggressive thread digs solidly into the ice and holds firm.
HT Ice Shelter Anchors
This anchor screws easily deep into the ice to hold your shelter in place even in windy conditions.
HT Heavy Duty Floating Minnow Net
No more wet, cold hands while trying to retrieve a minnow net that slides to the bottom of the pail. HT's floating minnow net suspends the handle above the surface of the water, helping the angler get bait more efficiently.
HT Jumbo Minnow Net
Jumbo Minnow Net has a jumbo sized white mesh net and heavy duty coated handle.
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