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Tip Ups & Accessories

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Fire House Lighted Tip-Up
$99.99 - $124.99

Firehouse Lighted Canvas Tip-Ups are highly visible and feature a powerful LED light that can be seen up to a 1/2 mile in daylight or at night. The unique shape and features provide peace of mind for the safety of your tip-up when left out on the ice. These canvas tip-ups easily cover a 10-inch… [more]

Berkley Bottom Finders

Packed 100 No Break. [more]

Beaver Dam Tip-Up Bag

100% waterproof. Won't mildew or fade. Holds your favorite tip-ups and accessories. Shoulder strap for carrying on and off the ice. Handy storage pocket for pliers, jaw spreaders and tip-up winder. Holds 6 tip-ups. [more]

Beaver Dam Beaver Station

Beaver Dam BD-BUCKET Bucket Station 6-Gallon Bucket. This product is a durable and designed for ice fishing applications. Provided by Beaver Dam. [more]

Automatic Fisherman AF27C Package

The AF27C unit has a 4bb reel with a fold down handle and winter lube. The unit includes a 27" solid fiberglass Medium light rod with five guides built specifically for smaller fish and the ability to have a nice fight from the fish. The Automatic fisherman base and all the hardware are included. A… [more]

Beaver Dam Tip-Ups

Beaver Dam tip-ups have been designed, tested and proven to meet the ever-increasing demand for better ice fishing equipment. The Original Beaver Dam Tip-up is ALL handmade, and assembled, one at a time. It's made in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin with pride. Each tip-up is Freezeproof, Windproof, and… [more]

I Fish Pro Tip Up

A Revolutionary Ice Fishing Tip-Up that can be used for all species. Change Rods as you wish. You don't need to re-spool. No More Frozen and Tangled Line spread all over the ice. Great for Fishing in Shallow or Deep Water. Use it in your Fish House, the tip up sits securely over your catch-cover… [more]

HT Polar Pop-Up Magnum Tip Up

Deluxe magnetic trip tip-up with thermal sheath. Fully adjustable tension setting. Extra large 1500 ft. capacity spool. Black. [more]

Clam Lunker Deluxe Wood Tip Up

High quality hardwood with a natural finish, the NEW Lunker Deluxe Wood Tip Up is a great addition for any seasoned tip up hard water angler. Complete with high quality components, it is easy to use, durable & works in the coldest of temps with ease. A long stem shaft with a high-vis green flag… [more]

Beaver Dam Round Tip-Up

10"Beaver Dam round-style tip-ups have been designed, tested and proven to meet the ever-increasing demand for better ice fishing equipment. Handmade and assemble, one at a time. It's made in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin with pride. Each tip-up is Freezeproof, Windproof, and Foolproof allowing you to… [more]

HT Little Jigger 2-In-1 Tip Down

Works with traditional jig poles or combos. Strong durable base. Folds up or down for easy transport and storage. [more]

HT Polar Therm Tip-Up

Multiple trip settings. Easy-lock line guide. Handle on spool. Black cover prevents freeze-up in subzero temps. Cover works for holes from 6"-10". Thermal warming from sun keeps hole from icing up. Set screw on cross shaft allows you to slide trip shaft up and down for heavier and lighter trip… [more]

Clam Arctic Warrior Tip Up

Let this tip-up do the work for you by alerting you when there's a fish on the line. The Arctic Warrior tips down when a fish tugs and the flag goes up. Just grab the rod and reel, set the hook and fight the fish. Use as a second line for walleye, northern pike, lake trout and jumbo perch. Rod and… [more]

HT Polar Pop-Up

Adjustable tension. Spool winder. Water brake. Spool lock. Rugged design. Freeze, wind and snow proof. [more]

HT Explorer Tip-Up
$14.99 - $23.99

"Ultra smooth" trip mechanism. Super high flag for easy visibility. Deluxe traditional wood frame. Metal "Easy Flow" spool. 200 or 500 capacity. Folds for easy transporting. [more]

HT Polar Thunder Tip Up

Ultra thin profile frame for easy storage and transportation. Fully adjustable trip bar for multiple tension settings. 500 ft spool with handle. [more]

HT Tip-Up Linemarkers

Used as a "marker" on the line, not as a float. With Linemarkers, it is easy to re-set your line after a fish bites. 1/2" diameter 100 per bag. [more]

HT Windlass Tip-Up

"JIGS" your bait with the slightest "action of the breeze" This tip-up will give a life-like jigging action to your bait drag feature on Spool for different tension settings V-shaped frame for easy removal from ice Tip-up "folds down" for easy storage and transport. [more]

Frabill Classic Wood Tip-Up

Dual Trip Settings - set it light for pan fish and walleye or heavier for larger baits and game fish Removable spool shaft for easy cleaning and re-lubrication Pre-lubed with Frabill's exclusive Sub-Zero winter lubricant for friction free performance at any temperature Large capacity spool with… [more]

HT Polar Tip-Up
$17.49 - $19.99

Guaranteed not to freeze. Solid high impact guide for easy in/out line placement. V-shaped frame. [more]

HT Predator Tip-Up Spool

Super durable "V-shaped" base for easy removal from ice. High visibility neon green. Multiple trip settings. Lubricated with HT Therma-Lube ensuring smooth operation in the coldest temperatures. Special "Flag Trip Wire" prevents trips caused by a strong wind or large bait. [more]

Therm-A-Seat Ice Fishing Kneeling Pad

With the Bucket Heat-A-Seat, the five-gallon bucket that many ice fishers use to hold poles and fish is now a warm and comfortable place to sit. [more]

Eagle Claw Ice Eagle Tip-Ups

Smooth multiple designed trip. Wind resistant and freeze proof. [more]

HT Tip-Up Tube Carrying Case

Super tough tube material. Works for most tip-ups. Keeps lines from tangling. Carry strap for easy transport. Great for off-season storage. For up to 25" long tip-ups. [more]

HT Fisherman Tip-Up

8" Grease-filled tube for trip-shaft to prevent freeze-up. Extra-high flag for better visibility. Tip-up and spool are made of solid, high-impact black or orange plastic material that has proven to be stronger than wood. [more]

HT Ice Master 2 In 1 Tip Down System

Unfold, lock and position the Tip Down next to your ice hole. Set your line as if you were ready to fish and place the combo on top of the tip down. When the fish bites, the tip of your rod will pull down signaling the bite. The combo is easily lifted from the Tip Down to fight the fish. Designed… [more]

Clam Blue Ice Pike Tip Up

The Clam Blue Ice Pike Tip-up is the perfect rig for giant toothy critters. The high visibility flag gives anglers that extra edge when watching an entire set of tip ups, that really comes in handy during nasty weather. These quality tip ups fold up neatly to easily fit into a five gallon bucket.… [more]

52 Results
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