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Downrigger accessories

Scotty Power Grip Line Releases
$8.29 - $283.60
Full range of release tensions, plus an adjustment clip that provides double the holding power if needed. Streamlined design won't snap on weeds or foul lines. No. 1170: 18" heavy monofilament leader with cannonball snap. Included with all downriggers. No. 1175 7" wire cable leader with cannonball snap. Metal trolling snag inches firmly on the downrigger cable allowing line stacking. The Power Grip is easy to handle shape. 1171: 18" leader with stacking, self-locating snap. 1172 30" leader with stacking, self-locating snap. 1173 48" leader with stacking, self-locating snap. 1178 60" leader with stacking, self-locating snap.1176: "Stacker" 6" leader. 1179: "Stacker" with 30" leader. No. 1180: 18" wire leader with stacking, self-locating snap. No. 1183: 30" wire leader with stacking, self-locating snap. No. 1181: 18" wire leader with cannonball snap.
Cannon Low-Profile Swivel Base
Heavy-duty Lexan® and stainless steel swivel base. Six-point locking, including two 45° positions. For all Cannon® downriggers.
Scotty Premium Power Braid with Terminal Kit
Scotty Premium 200 lb. test Power Braid is our latest high tech, low drag, black microfilament braided downrigger line. This custom manufactured braid offers the ultimate in strength, consistency and durability. The use of braided downrigger line helps combat electrolysis around your fishing gear and outlasts stainless steel cable. Terminal Fastening Kit Included.
Cannon Flash Weights
These trolling weights are vinyl-coated to prevent scratches to your boat. High-quality reflective prism tape on the fin for extra fish attraction.
Roloff Downrigger Ball Weights
This downrigger ball trolling weight is made of cast iron semi-steel. It is available in aluminum finish or covered with quality red vinyl. Has 2 cast in steel eyes. 8 lbs.
Cannon Downrigger Covers
Protect your downrigger with a professional grade cover. It guards against the elements with a secure Velcro® fit and non-abrasive backing.
Scotty Downrigger Cable
Scotty High Performance stainless steel replacement cable one strand, wrapped and reinforced with 6 surrounding strands 180lb test to provide the ultimate in strength and consistency. All High Performance Cable comes with 1 Coastlock snap with swivel, 3 sleeves, 1 soft stop bumper.
Scotty Downrigger Cable
$24.99 - $34.99
Premium stainless steel downrigger cable. Items with a "K" added to the product number includes an 1153 Terminal kit.
Scotty Downrigger Weight Retriever
Great helper and safety precaution for the downrigger fisherman. Brings weights in for rigging lines and releases without having to lean out over a gunnel.
Cannon Universal Line Release
$15.99 - $21.99
It's truly a "universal" release because it can cover so many different tension settings. It has two adjustment points to allow tension settings from 2 to 22 lb. Perfect for slow trolling with live baits, or going after light-hitting walleyes. Also, tough enough to handle heavy saltwater plugs.
Off Shore Snapper Adjustable Tension In-Line Planer Board Release
This release is made to attach to the bracket of our OR-12 Side Planer and OR-31 Side Planer SST. With the wide range of tension settings this release is ideal for Walleye, Striper, Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, and Muskie. For use with super lines, lead core as well as monofilament.
Off Shore Stacker Line Release
Medium Tension: Firm tension springs to compensate for line drag when fishing in deep water or with heavy dodger and fly rigs. Light Tension: Run 2 lines off the same downrigger. Attach the snap & short leader clip to the downrigger cable about 5 to 20 feet above the weight. The line release is on the long leader.
Cannon Retro-Ease?
Pulls in heavy downrigger weights safely and easily. No dangerous leaning out or swinging the long boom in to change lures or work on lines. Complete with pulley.
Off Shore Downrigger Line Release
$11.99 - $16.99
Light Tension: Ideal for shallow water trolling and for light hitting fish. Attach the clip to the downrigger weight and place the line in the pad. Soft pads won't damage or fray line. Medium Tension: Firm tension to reduce false releases due to line drag when fishing deep. Attach the clip to weight and place the line in the pad. Soft pads won't damage or fray line. Heavy Tension:Very firm spring tension to withstand large lures and high speed trolling common in saltwater fishing. Has a beefed up, 18" - 210# stainless steel leader and heavy-duty 2/0 snap. Great for trolling with cowbells and dodgers.
Off Shore Snap Weight Clip With Split Ring
Each Snap Weight Line Clip includes the red clip and a split ring. Note: The OR-16 is NOT a line release. It is designed to hold the line tightly with up to 8 ounces of weight without damaging the line. It incorporates an extra-heavy tension spring and special composite plastic.
Off Shore Adjustable Heavy Tension Planer Board Release
This release comes as standard equipment on the OR-31 Side Planer SST and is ideal for Striper, Salmon, Trout, and Muskie using 10-25 pound test monofilament and lead core.
Scotty Trolling Snubbers
Place between your downrigger cable and weight. The Scotty Trolling Snubber absorbs shock, provides electrical insulation and helps prevent snags. Easy to grip. Weight not included.
Mack's Lure Shasta Ultra Release
The Shasta Ultra Release is by far the most versatile and lightest downrigger line release ever built. This simple ultra-light release with its tension screw adjustment has proven itself as not only a great release but is ideal for stacking multiple lines on one downrigger. This release can be set light enough to release on even small fish.
Scotty Planer Board Snap
Streamlined design won't snag on weeds or foul lines. Greater range of release tensions. Patented "tension adjuster" doubles the holding power if needed.
Scotty Terminal Kits
One No. 1150 Coastlock snap with swivel, three sleeves, one soft stop bumper, and one stainless steel thimble.
Cannon Cable Terminator Kit
For any make of downrigger. Includes six crimpless snap-on terminators, six snap-on swivels and six cushion tops.
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