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Marine lighting

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Whether at anchor or underway, it's important your navigation lights are both functional and clearly visible to nearby boaters. Intelligently designed for easy installation, maintenance and efficient light output, this 36 inch light Armor all-round Articulating light provides 2 nautical mile range of visibility in a 360 degree radius to enhance safe navigation in any venue. LED technology keeps lights cool to the touch and provides lasting durability. Attwood develops high value, engineered marine products to make life on the water easier to enjoy. Made to meet the demands of boat builders and distribution partners, our products are extensively tested on-site in our lab to provide worry-free boating under all conditions.
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$46.99 - $69.99
A new line of streamlined deck mount lights that meet today's global regulatory requirements
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$45.99 - $59.99
Use this Attwood Portable Navigation Light Kit anywhere you need extra light. This light is very durable and water resistant. This Portable Light Kit can be used horizontally, as well as vertically. It has rubber seals on it for maximum durability and contains a booted switch also made of rubber. The Attwood Navigation Light never needs to be plugged in, thanks to the AAA batteries it uses (not included). It can be mounted to virtually any surface to brighten low-light areas. A lighting solution for dim spaces such as basements and garages, it is also small and compact and can be removed when needed.
Attwood Stowaway All-Round Light
PLUG-IN MODEL - Two mile all-round light for boats up to 39.4 ft. (12m) in length. Convenient all-round light can be removed from base for storage. Swivel cover on base protects the socket when light is stowed away. Base extends just 3" below deck. Includes Zamak base and one 12 watt lamp. Base dimensions: 4" long X 1 5/8" wide. Installation hole size: 1 3/8" diameter. Base is pre-drilled with three countersunk holes for #10 screws.
Attwood Articulating Anti-Glare All-Round Pole Light
Be seen without blinding yourself with Attwood's All-Round LED Pole Light with Articulating Anti-Glare Head. Designed to focus light at the horizon and above and not in the pilot's eyes. The bottom aperture reduces glare at 7.5 degrees below horizontal while allowing a continuous arc of light above horizontal, making the boat more visible in rolling seas and to taller boats. The Articulating Anti-Glare Head also adjusts from 15 degrees forward to 15 degrees aft. While only drawing 1.8 watts at 12VDC, the All-Around LED Light is still visible from up to two miles away and is rated for 50,000+ hours of use. The 2-pin locking collar pole offers a universal fit and can be used with a variety of Attwood 2-pin straight or angled bases. They even work as replacements in competitive bases, including Perko® brand bases.
Attwood Telescoping All-Round Light
Two mile all-round light. For boats up to 39.4 ft. (12m) in length. Features a die-cast Zamak base with locking knob that allows pole to be lowered below the deck or removed for storage. Includes one 12 watt lamp. Below deck clearance required: 24" deep X 1" wide. Installation hole size: 7/8" diameter. Base is pre-drilled with three countersunk holes for #10 screws.
Attwood Replacement Base, Globe & Pole
$27.99 - $40.99
Head and pole assemblies are for use as original equipment or as replacement parts for 7100 Series All-Round lights. Poles are anodized aluminum. Each pole requires a 2-wire base. Die-cast Zamak base has Perma-Plate® chrome finish and swivel cover that protects the socket when light is stowed away.
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2-Pin Light Base with overmolded 306 stainless steel and black cover. For more than 100 years Attwood has been proud to serve the parts and accessory needs of the marine industry. We have partnered with you to design, manufacture, test, and distribute a complete line of products that have been a part of your tradition, and we thank you for this opportunity.
Attwood Replacement Lenses For All-Round Lights
Frosted For All-Round Lights
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