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Scope rings

Leupold Mark 4 Scope Rings
$239.99 - $259.99
These rings are machined from solid steel, they offer superior integrity and tighter tolerances that are based on the proven cross-slot design. Use Leupold PRW bases or any other Picatinny-style mount rails.
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This updated cross-slot ring design has more contact with the base for even greater stability. Machined from 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum for a lifetime of lightweight, rugged performance.
Weaver Six Hole Picatinny Rings
$69.99 - $134.99
Weaver's popular Six Hole Tactical Rings just got the Picatinny treatment. These new rings feature the same six screws for max security and clamping pressure but get serious upgrades for LE and military use. An improved Picatinny crossbolt design (from Weaver to Picatinny spec), Type III hard coat anodized finish, no strip/slip Torx screws and an increased number of height options make these new 6-hole rings the go-to mounts for all Tactical Precision rifles.
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$104.99 - $124.99
While these may look like the original QRW's, looks can be deceiving. We took this tried-and-true design and made a few upgrades, which includes a new easy-installation ring-top design, an improved keeper and a bigger contact area with the base for a precision fit. All while maintaining the classic QRW functionality, look and, ruggedness.
Leupold RM Ringmounts
These rings are machined from solid steel, they offer superior integrity and tighter tolerances that are based on the proven cross-slot design. Use Leupold PRW bases or any other Picatinny-style mount rails.
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$111.99 - $119.99
Warne Mountain Tech is the ultimate lightweight precision scope mounting system. Don't leave your dream hunt to chance. When every ounce matters, and every shot counts, Warne Mountain Tech are the scope mounts you can depend on. Features: Precision CNC machined from 7075/T6 aluminum for a high strength & lightweight platform; Mil-Spec hardcoat anodized finish for abrasion and corrosion resistance. Rings feature stainless steel hardware for Element Proof protection. Mil-Spec 65 in/lb., 1/2? tactical nut attachments for securely clamping to the rail. Fits Picatinny & Weaver style mounts and are NATO-STANAG compatible. Available for 1?, 30 and 34mm tube sizes; in Low, Medium, High and MSR ideal height; For maximum compatibility with most scope/firearm combinations.
Ruger Scope Rings
$54.99 - $109.99
All Ruger rings are designed to accommodate 1" or 30MM scope tubes.
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$84.99 - $99.99
Steel rings that are based on the proven cross-slot design provide permanent cross-slot stability. Uses the Leupold® QRW? bases or any other Picatinny-style mounting rails.
Leupold Dual Dovetail? Rings
$40.99 - $94.99
Our trademarked Dual Dovetail? system provides a classic low-profile mount for scopes on a variety of popular actions. Bases accept all Leupold rotary dovetail rings. Dovetail connections at both front and rear provide a rock-solid mounting platform.
Leupold STD Scope Rings
$24.99 - $89.99
Rings will fit STD? 1 and 2-piece bases. 4" ring spacing will accommodate all Leupold® scopes.
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Our aluminum ALPHA Tactical rings are machined from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum, precision machined and Type 2 black anodized. Designed with the same unique industrial design as our Electro-Optics, our ring mounts not only look tough, but are tough.FEATURES: Aluminum 2-piece cantilever design with HeliCoilsTM for locking your riflescope down with confidence.
Leupold LRW Scope Rings
$69.99 - $84.99
Leupold LRW cross-slot rings are built from Strike Forged Steel, made in America to deliver unmatched durability and strength. Leupold CNC machining ensures perfect alignment to Weaver-style bases and the anti-slip grooves eliminate the need of lapping. LRW ring screws with Nylok won't back out under recoil or vibration.
Sig Sauer Alpha Hunting Mounts
$59.99 - $69.99
Our proprietary steel alloy ALPHA Hunting Rings are machined with an exactness that is both strong yet ductile that allows our rings to form around a riflescope, yet will not damage scope under proper installation. The steel rings are epoxy powder coated to prevent oxidation and resist gun oils, cleaning solutions, and outdoor exposure. FEATURES: Steel Weaver-style rings .
Weaver Four Hole Picatinny Rings
In the tactical world, performance is mandatorythere is no compromise. Whether it's intense training or real-life action, you need your zero to stay true. These aircraft-grade, 6061-T6 aluminum tactical rings, with Type-III hard coat anodized finish, feature a skeleton design for reduced weight without strength loss and four points of contact for added security. These Picatinny-style rings are dressed in stealthy matte black.
EOTech PRS Ring Mounts
EOTech ring sets are a perfect pairing for the Vudu line of riflescopes. They come in both 30mm and 34mm tube diameters and mount directly to your picatinny or Weaver rail. Sold two rings per package.
Weaver 4-Hole Skeleton Rings
Weaver's popular 4-Hole Rings are now available in heights for just about any shooter and shooting situation. Choose from among 1" or 30mm and medium, high, extra-high and XX-high. Dressed in matte black and featuring no strip/slip Torx® screws, these new rings incorporate Weaver's famous Cross-Lock design and lightweight aircraft grade aluminum.
Weaver Detachable Extension Top Mount Rings
$41.99 - $54.99
Try these to get the ideal eye relief. They let you position your scope forward or rearward.
Weaver Six Hole Tactical-Style Rings
In the tactical world, performance is mandatorythere is no compromise. Whether it's intense training or reallife action, you need your zero to stay true. These aircraft-grade aluminum tactical rings feature six points of contact for maximum security and are designed to withstand the most grueling environments imaginable. If you demand the most from your tactical scope, demand Weaver.
Warne Maxima Fixed Rings
$43.99 - $49.99
The Maxima Fixed Ring Series fit Weaver style cross slot bases and incorporate a Warne square stainless steel recoil control key in both the front and rear rings. This ensures a no slip positive recoil surface across the entire slot of the base and is capable of withstanding the heaviest of recoil. The Maxima square recoil key also protects against swaging or peening of the bases when used on softer or less durable materials. The Maxima Fixed Ring band is also substantially wider for additional clamping surface around the scope to hold the optic firmly in place.Warne Maxima Scope Rings are designed to fit Warne bases as well as all Weaver cross slot and Mil-Spec Picatinny style bases and rails.
Leupold Quick Release Mount System
The characteristic that distinguishes the Quick Release mount system from the Dual Dovetail and STD systems is the ability to remove the scope from the rifle and reattach it without the loss of zero (within 1/2 MOA). Machined steel construction - Supremely-close machining tolerances.
Weaver Grandslam? Steel Top Mount Rings
$38.99 - $41.99
Weaver's popular Grand Slam Rings recently went under the knife for an impressive, sleek, modern new look. The four-hole design with Torx screws adds gripping strength and added security. Plus, Weaver's legendary cross-lock design provides the ultimate in scope lock-down. Made of solid steel, these rings stand strong against aggressive recoil. To top it off, Weaver's newly-designed Grand Slam Rings are proudly made to exact tolerances in the U.S.A.
Weaver Sure Grip Windage Adjustable
These quick detach rings are the Original Weaver-style. The four-screw system and steel cap offer shot-of-a-lifetime dependability. Windage adjustable models ensure that zeroing in your scope to critical accuracy is certain.
Weaver Detachable See-thru Mount Rings
Scope or sights? With Weaver® Detachable See-Thru Mount Rings, you choose. They attach to any Top Mount Ring Base with square-cut crossbolt slots.
Weaver Detachable Top Mount Rings
$35.99 - $36.99
Steel strap for added strength and an aluminum saddle for reduced weight. These quick detach rings are the Original Weaver-style. Get the best of both worlds with a steel strap for added strength and an aluminum saddle for reduced weight. These quick detach rings are the Original Weaver style Rings.
Warne Rimfire Rings
The Rimfire rings are designed to fit a very wide selection of rifles with either a 3/8? or 11mm dovetail. This is made possible by using a solid asymmetrical reversible clamp that can be flipped 180° and used on wider or narrower dovetails for the best fit. Features: All steel rings with a horizontally split design and only ? wide. Assymetrical reversible side clamp fits a 3/8? or 11mm dovetail. Securely mounts to firearm with Torx style T-15 socket cap screws, 25 in/lb. of torque recommended.
Leupold Rifleman® Detachable Scope Rings
$18.49 - $30.99
Affordable and exceptionally well-made, our Rifleman mounts are precision machined from aircraft-grade aluminum for incredible strength and lighter weight.
Weaver Sure Grip .22 Tip-Off® Mounts
These mounts are made for .22s that have factory grooves in the rifle's receiver. They clamp directly to the receiver or Tip-Off Bases.
Traditions Aluminum Scope Rings
$9.89 - $24.99
Quick and easy mounting of a scope to your gun. Oversized locking screw allows you to secure the ring to the base easily. Blister carded.
Weaver Quad Lock? Detachable Rings
$18.99 - $22.99
Two straps and four screws provide added gripping power for these lightweight, all-aluminum rings. Thumbscrews for quick detach.
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