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Bi-Pods and shooting rests

Caldwell The Rock BR
The rest weighs a satisfying 15½ lbs., thanks to its cast-iron base. Fine elevation adjustments are made from a large-diameter rotating wheel that glides on a set of ball bearings. Coarse elevation adjustments are made with a locking collar. Windage-adjustable cradle lets shooters make fast, smooth horizontal adjustments to handle wind shifts - especially appropriate for shooters using wind flags. The cradle features a sturdy bag tensioning system for excellent forend support and increased stability and accuracy. Includes a free three lobe synthetic bag that works especially well for flat-bottomed forends. The cradle has specially designed slots that allow users to quickly install or interchange any of Caldwell's Deluxe front Rest Bags to fit round-bottomed shapes.
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The Caldwell Precision Turret Shooting Rest is designed for use with AR10/AR15 platforms. It features a forend clamp that keeps the rifle secure and centered. The Shooting Rest is designed for maximum adjustability, allowing swivel and tilt features as well as vertical adjustment.
Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest
The Caldwell® StingerTM Shooting Rest combines an innovative design, ultimate user functionality and rock-solid stability. An integral feature is its front elevation system that uses a spring-loaded height adjustment knob for fast, one-handed coarse elevation adjustment. Molded front and rear supports protect the gun's finish and provide firmness for rock-solid shots. Front rest easily slides forward or backward to desired length, then locks in place using the quick cam locks.
Caldwell The Rock
Cast iron base adds 2 lbs. of stabilizing mass. Wide-based and rigid, The Rock helps eliminate the human factor in shooting. Features a 1" diameter steel center post with large elevation wheel, for quick height adjustments from 4 1/2" to 7 1/4". Three leveling feet make set-up quick, and an adjustable forend stop helps ensure shot-to-shot repeatability, plus a bubble level mounted on the cradle. The wide cradle accepts a variety of bags (not included) to accommodate most stock configurations.
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The Accumax Premium Picatinny Bipod attaches for easy and secure lock-up. It features quick-deployment carbon fiber legs with vertical twist-lock technology. The leg angle adjusts up to 180 degrees with stainless steel push-button leg lock. It also features soft rubber feet for enhanced stability.
Caldwell XLA Pivot Bipod
In the real world of hunting, the chances of the ideal shot opportunity occurring while on a level ground are slim-to-none. A pivoting bipod will allow the shooter to compensate for ground that is unlevel by up to 20 degrees. The lower portion of the bipod pivots independently from the upper stock mount, allowing the firearm to be quickly leveled on uneven ground. The tension knob can be adjusted to control the resistance of the pivoting motion.
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$64.99 - $74.99
Caldwell's XLA fixed bipod deploys quickly with legs that spring out to the shooting position giving you an instantaneous stable shooting platform. It attaches to M-Lok or KeyMod handguard with one of the two included mount. Strong and lightweight, it's collapsible for easy transport.
Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest
The one rest that does it all. Ultra rigid 2-piece sliding frame adjusts to fit any gun. Innovative new spring loaded elevation system allows for fast one handed, no wobble adjustment. Open central channel accommodates detachable magazines and lever action guns. Convenient storage compartment lid doubles as a handgun base. Green Universal.
Caldwell Prone Bi-Pods
Lightweight: Prone bi-pod weighs 10.5 oz.; Sitting bi-pod weighs 15 oz. 99% rustproof: Aluminum and glass-filled polymers make this bi-pod virtually weatherproof. Cant: 18" of available cant (tilt) in either direction. Swivel: Left or right 20°, without repositioning the bi-pod's legs. Adjustable: Prone bi-pod adjusts from 8 3/4" to 12"; Sitting bi-pod adjusts from 14" to 30". bi-pods fold forward when not in use. Easily attachable & detachable from the front swivel stud.
Caldwell The Rock Jr.
Many of the features of The Rock in a smaller, lighter, economical package. Stable, cast iron base features interchangeable non-slip rubber feet & hard metal spikes to allow shooting from almost any surface. Elevation wheel provides height adjustment from 4 1/2" to 7 1/4" at your fingertips.
Caldwell XLA Bipods
$29.99 - $44.99
The Caldwell XLA Bipods provide a stable shooting support that conveniently attaches to almost any firearm with a sling swivel stud. The lightweight aluminum design adds minimal weight and deploys quickly, with legs that instantly spring out to the shooting position with the touch of a button. The legs are notched for easy indexing to a specific height. There is a connection point for sling attachment and multi section legs that collapses forward allowing for convenient carry of the firearm. Soft rubber feet provide enhanced stability, while the padded bipod base protects the firearm's forend. Durable, light-weight design (weights from 9-16 ounces). Quickly attach or detach from gun using swivel stud. Attachment point for sling. Maximum stability design. Pad to protect forend of gun. Spring loaded legs are notched to extend to multiple lengths.
Caldwell Tack Driver
Self-tightening surface grips your rifle and reduces felt recoil. Non-marring, non-slip surface will not harm your rifle's finish. Supports almost any rifle or shotgun type. Shoulder carrying strap included.
Caldwell Front & Rear Rest Bags
$23.99 - $40.99
These innovative, high-quality leather and polyester Front and Rear Shooting Bags function with most brands of front rests. The exclusive hook and loop tabs on the Front Rests allow quick installation and removal from the cradle without the time-consuming need to lace them on. The leather gives you a secure rest and the polyester, which will not stretch or sag, allows the bag to hold its shape.
Caldwell 7-Rest
The 7-Rest is a truly innovative shooting accessory that utilizes a unique design to deliver exceptional versatility and true value. The asymmetric frame provides great stability while maximizing length adjustability. By simply loosening the lock knob, the angle between the two halves of the frame can be adjusted to change the distance between the front and rear supports. Having the frame offset to the side of the gun also gives adequate clearance for extended magazines on semi-autos (AR-15), lever actions and rolling blocks.Another benefit of the frame design is the ability to reverse it for right or left handed shooting comfort. Fully adjustable overmolded front and rear supports hold your gun securely while protecting the stock and forend. All these features rolled into one rest result in a rock-solid, all-in-one shooting base with plenty of height and length adjustment to accommodate guns of virtually any length. Folds quickly for easy transport and storage.
Caldwell Mag Charger Universal Pistol Loader
Nothing could be more straightforward than using the Caldwell Mag Charger®. Just drop in one round, squeeze the lever and voila! Makes for quicker magazine loading without jamming your thumb. Simple to use, just drop in a round and squeeze the lever. Universal magazine design, works with single- and double-stack magazines. Adjustable side shims align magazines of any width. Shims are labeled with numbers for quick adjustment Lock knob secures nearly any size magazine. Ergonomic die-cast aluminum handle for easy no flex operation. Extremely durable polycarbonate construction for years of use. Loads 9mm, 10mm, .357 Magnum, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and most .380 ACP ammo.
Caldwell Steady Rest NXT
The three-piece design allows the shooter to use the rest in one or two-piece configurations, allowing it to adjust to any length long gun as well as handguns. The front and rear support features a non-marring material that is gentle on your firearm's finish yet is firm enough to provide a stable shooting surface.
Caldwell Handy Rest NXT
Designed with a full six feet of elevation adjustment at 100 yards, a front sling stud clearance groove, and is constructed of durable, lightweight materials. The intuitive design includes a removable handgun support attachment that easily converts this rifle rest into a handgun rest. The front rest and handgun support feature a material that will not harm your valuable firearm yet also offers a steady shooting rest.
Caldwell Deadshot Rest
$19.49 - $27.99
Made of durable, water-resistant 600 Denier polyester. Front shooting bag is the industry's largest (approximately 8lbs). Quick-connect feature makes bag transport easy. Front bag dimensions: 10" wide X 8½" high X 6" deep, rear bag dimensions: 5" wide X 5" high X 4½" deep.
Caldwell Bi-Pod Adaptor
6035-0173: The Bipod Adapter quickly and easily attaches to a picatinny rail. Any standard bipod or sling can then be attached to the integrated swivel stud. A curved "fore-end style" profile assures the perfect fit for the bipod to mate with. Light weight yet durable machined anodized aluminum construction provides durable and reliable performance. Two integrated fasteners ensure a secure attachment that won't rattle loose during heavy use.
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