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Cleaning Accessories

Hoppes Elite Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod
Stay straight and true when cleaning your guns with Hoppe's new all one-piece Elite Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod. At 36 in length, this carbon fiber rod is ideal for handgun or rifle cleaning and remains straight despite rigorous cleaning sessions. Soft, easy-grip handle makes this rod a pleasure to use while the ball-bearing rotation is gentle on your barrel yet tough on stubborn fouling.
Hoppes Brass Cleaning Picks
Brass Picks and Plastic/Nylon Brush. 3 picks for hard to reach areas. Utility brush for trigger mechanisms and action areas. Different heads for precision cleaning.
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$8.49 - $16.49
Strong, flexible stem cleans hard-to-reach places without breaking. Keeps shape and composition,even when in contact with gun cleaning chemicals. Six inches in length. Packaged in resealable bag for easy storage.
Hoppes Gun Cleaning Rods
$7.49 - $13.49
All Hoppe's Pistol and Rifle Cleaning Rods have a ball bearing swivel handle designed to follow the rifling of the bore and make turning easier when cleaning. P22 - Pistol-Knob Ends, 3PU/3PA22 - Three-piece Rifle-Knob & Slotted Ends, SGU - Three-piece Shotgun, Aluminum-Slotted Ends, 1PA22/1PA30/1PS17 - One-piece Rifle-Knob & Slotted Ends
Hoppes Bore Light
A useful tool for clear inspection under any conditions. Illuminates the bore fully so nicks, scratches, pits, and fouling can be seen easily. Good for safety checks and for lighting hard-to-get-at areas. Locking feature can lock light on for longer inspections. A good tool to take along if you're buying a used firearm. Uses two "AAA" batteries (not included).
Hoppes No. 9 Triple Threat Cloth
Hoppe's Triple Threat Cloth cleans, shines and neutralizes odors. Made in the USA from 100% cotton flannel. Packaged in a resealable foil pouch. Remove cloth from bag, rub cloth on all exposed gun surfaces.
Hoppes Rust & Lead Remover Cloth
Removes rust and lead deposits without hard scrubbing. Non-abrasive and will not harm wood finishes. After shooting, wipe around action, chamber and muzzle for quick lead and carbon removal.
Hoppes Silicone Gun & Reel Cloth
This flannel cloth is treated to remove fingertips and potentially corrosive epidermal oils, while polishing and coating gun, rod and reel surfaces with a protective finish.
Hoppes Phosphor Bronze Utility Brush
One end has traditional-size bristles for cleaning large areas. The other end features smaller bristles for getting into tighter spots. Brushes are non-breakable and can dig out dirt without scratching metal.
Hoppes Slotted Tips
Polymer slotted tips securely hold a patch for solvent or oil application.
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