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Exploding Targets

Tannerite Make-It, Shake-It, Shoot-It Targets
This 10 pack of Tannerite targets are shrink wrapped with 1/2 pound targets, individually packaged and pre-measured catalysts, a free set of shooters ear plugs, a mixing jar, and instructions for use written on each target. This is the perfect package for a gift or if you're trying out Tannerite for the first time. Packed 6 No Break.
Tannerite G8 Goliath .22 Rimfire Targets
The Tannerite Goliath Rimfire Exploding Targetsare perfect for an afternoon of shooting . The Goliath Rimfire targets were created by the work of a biochemist, specifically for detonating at lower velocities produced by rimfire cartridges. The folding triangle shaped-charge effect of the target makes the report extremely loud. The rimfire targets are composed differently than the Tannerite Exploding Rifle targets, and could cause a fire if used in dry areas. Kit includes 8 Rimfire Targets. Packed 6 No Break.
Tannerite Single 1/2 Pound Targets
The best deal for the 1st time buyer. This is our original target kit. TanneriteĀ® is non-hazardous and can be shipped without expensive hazmat fees. The catalyst mixes easily into each 1/2 pound target. A free instructional dvd is provided with every order which shows the legalities and requirements regarding the possession and use of this awesome product. We ship direct to your door and it's legal in all states. Packed 24 No Break.
Tannerite Exploding Targets
Packed 6 No Break.
Tannerite Brick Targets
$53.96 - $139.96
Catalyst packets and ear plugs shipped in mixing container. All containers shrink wrapped together to provide a convenient and robust 4 target package. Sold as a case of 4 packages. (16 targets only.) Packed 4 No Break.
Tannerite Target Starter Kit
$125.88 - $131.96
Great starter kit containing 6 half pound exploding targets. Comes with everything a regular case comes with including a dvd, mixing container, spoon and written instructions! Great for gifts and first timers wanting to get their feet wet! Packed 4 No Break.
Tannerite One Big Boom Target
Use with .223 or faster rifle, (bullet needs to be traveling at 2000 feet per second FPS). This item is NOT flammable and will not start a fire so it's safe to shoot in the dry summer. This is a legal product in all 50 U.S. states and is legal to ship under U.S. Postal Service Publication 52. Ships unmixed. DO NOT use closer than 100+ yards - meant for long range firearm shooting. This produces no flame, big boom large cloud of smoke. Completely safe when used properly and normal safety rules followed. 100% safe can not be exploded by flame or any other means other than a high velocity rifle round. Packed 6 No Break.
Tannerite Pro Pack Targets
$84.99 - $99.99
They are called Tankers for a reason! For those of you who live by the "Bigger is better" philosophy. Tanker cases come with everything the regular case comes with including a instructional DVD, written instructions, spoon, and mixing container. Simply use 2 scoops of the 5cc yellow spoon provided._ No haz-mat shipping fees!
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