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Grips, recoil pads

Pachmayr American Legend Grips
Offers the best of both worlds, by combining the feel and appearance of wood with the performance, handling, and control of rubber. They feature rich walnut, finished to an attractive varnish shine coupled with our Pachmayr Decelerator® rubber for a soft controlled feel.
Pachmayr G10 Tactical Pistol Grips
G-10 material is a fiberglass based epoxy resin laminate. It is an extremely tough and durable material that is impervious to moisture, weather or chemicals, making it a perfect material for handgun grips. The multiple layered construction allows the use of different colors to be added to the grips, creating attractive patterns as it is machined. The Pachmayr G-10 Tactical pistol grips are available in fine checkered, and in grey/black. Pachmayr G-10 Tactical grips are the toughest, most durable, and best looking grips on the market.
Pachmayr Renegade Revolver Grips
$40.99 - $64.99
Pachmayr's Renegade? Wood Laminate Pistol Grips are the ultimate in style and function. The wood laminate panels are highly polished and checkered, and available in two colors, Rosewood and Charcoal Silvertone. Both provide classic good looks, and perfectly accent stainless steel and blued frames. The precision CNC cut checking patterns provide a secure grip while maintaining the semi-auto grip's attractive appearance. Available to fit 1911's, Ruger Mk III and 22/45's, Beretta 92's, CZ 75's and Sig 238's and 938's.
Pachmayr D750b Decelerator®
Premium rifle pads. Field style face for quick mounting & positive control. Non-slip basket weave texture. Recommended for heavy recoiling rifles.
Pachmayr Deluxe Field Pads
This popular and versatile pad is a good choice for either rifles or shotguns. The recoil absorbing qualities of our "Double-X" trademarked core pattern make this a good choice for recoil sensitive people. Face has a full stipple non-texture and the pad has an attractive White-Line® base.
Pachmayr Renegade Wood Laminate Grip
Highly polished charcoal laminate grips that provide a timeless look and perfectly accent blued and stainless handguns Superior Fit- Pachmayr Renegade wood grips are machined to exact specifications and will not wobble or shift on the handgun's frame. Pachamyr 1911 grips are cut for ambi safeties. Grip Texture- Double diamond checkering provides enhanced traction offering the user more control when drawing, and while firing
Pachmayr Decelerator® Recoil Pad
Decelerator recoil control and Pachmayr's patented Speed-Mount insert combine to create the most advanced slip-on recoil pad yet. This great looking, new slip-on recoil pad is unmatched by any other hunting pad. In addition, the pad's material and design make installation easier than ever. Best of all, all these features are offered at a price that is no more than other, less advanced pads.
Pachmayr Rack-It Slide Rack Assist
The slide rack assist is the solution for Shooters with small hands, arthritis, and limited hand strength that have difficulty with heavy recoil Springs common in compact and subcompact handguns. Greater comfort- by providing increased leverage and a large gripping surface the slide rack assist significantly reduces the effort needed to rack a pistol slide. Easy to Use- simply place the slide rack assist over the slide and muzzle of the handgun and rack the slide. Versatile- fits the vast majority of handguns including: Glock, Springfield XD/xds, 1911S, sigs, S&W M&P series, Ruger compacts, and much more.
Pachmayr Pac Slip-on Pads
Ideal for use with a borrowed firearm or to increase length of pull when hunting in shirtsleeve weather. Ribbed face for medium control. Brown only.
Pachmayr Tactical Grip Gloves
Grip Gloves are custom molded for each pistol model. Ideal for polymer frame handguns with no replacement grips available. Made from Pachmayr Decelerator material, Grip Gloves deliver enhanced control and will absorb recoil. The custom fit feels like an extension of your handgun grip. The ultra-soft, ultra-stretchy material makes installation a snap. No trimming, no need for soap and water. Distinctive ventilated side panels and finger grooves provide more instinctive gun orientation and a professional look. Tactical Grip Gloves are the only Slip-Ons that "fit like a glove." Custom Designed for Each Model. 8 sizes. Ventilated Side Panels. Contoured. Finger Grooves. Flexible Ultra-Soft Rubber Technology.
Pachmayr Slip-on® Grip Sleeve
Slip-On® grips are made from a special material formulated to give superior stretch, yet remain tight against the frame. Slip-On® grips are designed to install easily and stay in place once installed. They come with and without finger grooves for additional comfort and control. Fits most semi-auto pistols.
Pachmayr Grip Extender
Allows the user of sub-compact & compact handguns the ability to use the mags from their full-size counterparts. Grip Extenders perfectly match the shape & texture of specific handgun models so the mag looks like it belongs. Greatly increases control & shooting comfort. Easy to install. Made of tough high strength polymer.
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Pachmayr's Gripper Slip-On Grip has a unique design and contour, allowing it to fit a large variety of popular medium to full-size pistols. Made from a tough rubber compound, the Gripper is impervious to weather, sweat, oils & solvents. The Gripper Slip-On features an attractive non-slip texture along with palm swells for great fit and control. Backside finger grooves are recessed to allow use on pistols with or without finger grooves. The Gripper can be trimmed for a customized fit and feature molded trim lines to provide a clean, even cut.
Pachmayr Stock Spacer
Pachmayr spacers add approximately 1/4" each. Available in black and white line styles. Add up to four when installing a new pad or adding between existing pad and stock.
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