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Magazine Loaders & Accessories

Butler Creek Hot Lips Loader
Loads a Hot Lips mag in seconds! Its innovative design combines function and reliability to give the RUGER 10/22® shooter a fast and simple way to keep the HOT LIPS or STEEL LIPS magazines full. Just dump a box of 50, 22 LR shells into the hopper, insert magazine and crank it full. The loader is field portable and loads in-line magazines.
Butler Creek ASAP Magazine Loader
$32.99 - $38.99
Self-loading magazines are still in the future. Butler Creek has the next best thing. The ASAP Magazine Loaders works with a large majority of double stack magazines between 9mm - .45 ACP. Fill magazines with one action - push the mag loader down, insert the round below the feed lips, and raise the loader up. Bullet sealed, magazine loaded. Just like that.
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