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Miscellaneous Gun Parts

Del-Ton Lower Receiver Parts Kit
This lower receiver parts kit includes everything needed to build a complete lower receiver, less a stock assembly of your choice and a stripped lower receiver. This kit features an improved two-stage combat trigger with a lighter pull weight over a standard mil-spec trigger, (4.2-4.6 lb pull for two-stage trigger). All parts are made to standard military specifications.
Del-Ton Ar-15 Complete Lower Parts Kit
Includes, pistol grip, trigger, hammer, disconnector, selector, bolt catch spring, detent spring, Bolt Catch Button, Take Down Detent, Bolt Catch, Magazine Catch Spring, Bolt Catch Roll Pin, Magazine Catch Button, Magazine Catch, Front Pivot Pin, Hammer Spring, Trigger Spring, Pistol Grip Screw, Pistol Grip Lock Washer, Selector Spring, Detent Selector, Hammer Pin, Trigger Pin and Take Down Pin, Buffer Retainer Pin, Buffer Retainer Spring & disconnector spring.
Del-Ton AR-15 Bolt Component Kit
These are the exact same parts used by Del-Ton for all of their rifles and kits. All Del-Ton products are built to Mil-Spec standards and made in the U.S. Kit includes an extractor spring, extractor pin, extractor spring assembly, extractor, ejector roll pin, ejector, and three gas rings.
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