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Slings, Swivels, Belts

Butler Creek Cobra Rifle Slings
$43.99 - $54.99
Beautifully tanned top grain cowhide. Basket weave model has precise stitching and tooling. Basket weave model has suede, non-slip lining on upper section. Plain leather model selected from fine leathers and is unlined. Adjust to 36".
Butler Creek Comfort Stretch Rifle Sling
$30.99 - $44.99
Its stretchable construction and soft padding soak up the bounce you get with traditional slings - reducing felt weight up to 50% - so even the roughest hikes are smooth on your shoulder. Non-Slip Grippers? keep it firmly in place. Available in popular camo patterns, with or without Uncle Mike's® QD® Swivel sewn-in.
Butler Creek Highlander Sling
Features reinforced panels and finished edges make this sling look custom made and add durability. the black sling is offered with Uncle Mike's QD swivels with Tri-Lock ? sewn in. Quick adjustment makes this sling work with any rifle. Non-slip grippers extend the entire length of the sling. Sling secures your gun snugly to your shoulder, regardless of outer wear.
Butler Creek Military Slings
Designed for shooting accuracy in prone or kneeling position. Can be adjusted quickly to lock rifle against your arm and body. Traditional 2-piece construction. Brass-plated D ring and hooks. Basket weave and plain models. Adjust to 44".
Butler Creek Mountain Slings
Tough 1 1/4" nylon web with non-slip lining. Complete with permanently attached 1 1/4" QD® Super Swivels® to fit guns with QD® studs. Compact to fit in your pocket. Adjust to 48".
Butler Creek Cartridge Slings
These slings have the same durable construction as our padded Ultra Slings, plus they have ingenious elastic carrying loops that hold your bullets or shells for easy access. Rifle model carries six bullets vertically to keep tips from protruding past the slings edge. Shot gun model carries 4 shells vertically. Non slip lining. 48" length, width 1".
Butler Creek Ultra Sling
A quality padded sling is a must for any rifle, whether for hunting or target shooting, and the Ultra Sling from Butler Creek is such a sling. Made from Cordura nylon the Ultra sling is incredibly strong and durable making it ideal for the rough conditions it is bound to face in the field, while the quilted shoulder pad makes shouldering your rifle while carrying it into the field much more comfortable that a standard sling digging into you.
Butler Creek Easy Rider Sling
A solid backing of rubberized sharkskin keeps the Easy Rider Sling solidly in place through your most active hunts. Plus, its thick, shock absorbing neoprene body cushions the weight of your firearm. It's simply the best-riding sling you'll ever own. Adjustable to 48" length. Fully bound edges and a urethane cover give it a finished look and add durability. Popular camo patterns in rifle and shotgun configurations.
Butler Creek Easy Rider Sling
Non-slip cushioned carrying. The padded Easy Rider? sling offers quality, thick neoprene to cushion the weight of your rifle. The SharkSkin rubberized backing grips your shoulder and keeps the sling in place. The polypro webbing works with Uncle Mikes's QD 1" swivels and is adjustable to 48" in length.
Butler Creek Utility Sling
Very comfortable sling stem.
Butler Creek Utility Nylon Slings
Unaffected by moisture, mildew or rot. Adjusts quickly and easily for using as carry strap or hasty sling. One inch width.
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