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Slings, Swivels, Belts

Outdoor Connection Padded Super Slings
Takes The Original Super-Sling (1") and adds a comfortable shape conforming shoulder pad. The shoulder pad cushions the shoulder and takes out the bouncing motion of a firearm without stretching or contracting. The Original Padded Super-Sling molds itself to the shape of the shoulder, providing maximum comfort during those long days in the field. The innovative patented Thumb-Loop allows for maximum control of the sling and firearm. The Thumb-Loop also provides maximum comfort by eliminating tight gripping of the sling, which leads to hand and arm fatigue.
Outdoor Connection Super Sling 2+
Designed not only to be a durable carrying strap, but also to be a functional shooting aid. Therefore, this sling can be adjusted in the same way as the Super-Sling to become a shooting aid. Additional value and comfort are added to the sling through the integral thumb-loop. The thumb-loop allows the sling to be carried in a comfortable position without the strain of tight gripping. The Super-Sling2+ is made with military specification type webbing that can withstand up to 4500 lbs. The sling is 1 1/4" wide.
Outdoor Connection Raptor Slings
$19.42 - $24.99
Features 2" wide neoprene shoulder pad is edged or bound to add strength and durability. Your firearm will feel up to 54% lighter and 100% more comfortable. Superior, select Quality, Mil-Spec type webbing. Finished edge adds quality and durability. Cape buffalo grain leather pattern. Thumb-loop for comfort, control and safety. Guaranteed forever.
Outdoor Connection Neoprene Slings
Take the soft, durable features of neoprene-combine them with the TOC patented thumb loop and you get the most comfortable neoprene firearm sling ever made. This design actually helps reduce uncomfortable neck and shoulder pressure, fatigue and bounce. Your firearm will feel up to 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable. With swivels.
Outdoor Connection Razor Elastic Sling
Combining a pioneering uni-directional, mil-spec elastic band, 1" webbing, innovative patented thumb-loop, heavy duty hardware, and the E*Z Detachable BRUTE swivel TOC has developed the next advance in the sling market. Makes your firearm feel 53% lighter than with a neoprene sling.
Outdoor Connection Duty Multi Tactical Sling
Enables tactical shooters to switch from strong side to support side and back quickly and easily by adjusting the length of the sling.Constructed with durable 1.25" width Mil-Spec type webbing. The rifle sling adjustment mechanism uses a tri-glide and slip lock design for rapid sling adjustment. It is fast and flexible making it a necessity for any tactical firearm user.
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