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Target throwers

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Champion's original mobile trap has received some major upgrades. The WheelyBird 2.0 is improved from the ground up, starting with the included Wireless Remote. It has a programmable delay up to 15 seconds, and can trigger the trap from a challenging distance. Solid tires and a rubber-molded handle make it even easier to transport, while an upgraded metal clay stack holder and a cycle time of 1.75 seconds leads to faster shooting. Champion's original mobile trap is still the best.
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The Aerial Assault 5.0 is the improved version ofthe iconic Aerial Assault. It comes equipped with a 50 target hopper, annodized aluminum throwing arm and wireless remote. Compatible with the Do All Outdoors Automatic Wobbler, the Aerial Assault 5.0 will provide any serious trap shooter with the ultimate clay shooting experience at an affordable price.
Do-All Wobbler Kit
The Aerial Assault Wobbler presents real life shooting situations, random incomers and away shots as well as fast quartering and passing shots. The motorized Wobbler will automatically throw each target in random positions. Seamlessly mounts to the Aerial Assault and takes place of the pivot mount. From left to right the Wobbler kit moves a total of 45°. Up and down movement from 15 to 45°. Weather proof and durable steel construction. Powered by any 12 volt battery (not included).
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$119.99 - $439.99
Do-All 3/4 Cock Trap Single
Our 3/4 cocking traps basically cock themselves and will throw a standard bird 90 yards! The Single Trap 3/4 model, which is a sit down model, features a comfortable fold-down chair, has slip in legs or slides easily into a class III hitch receiver. Ball bearing clutch with one way movement. Positive locking trigger with pull release. No additional accessories needed. Yellow safety ring guard. 3-pivot mount allows you to throw targets in all directions at any angle on all planes. 1 year limited warranty on clutch and parts. 2 year warranty on parts and labor. Free instructional video.
Do-All 3/4 Cock Single Trap
Will automatically return three-quarters of the way cocked. Throws all five targets as singles or stacked doubles. Sliding adjustable clip allows for speed and direction change. Trap made with steel and aluminum materials for years of durability. The sprocket mechanism allows you to throw targets up to 70 yards in all directions at any angle on all planes.
Champion 3/4 Cock Traps
Patented 3/4 cock system allows for ease of cocking. Throws targets up to 70 yards. Pivot adjustment allows for easy elevation and height adjustments. Versatile target clip throws double (side-by-side & stacked), mini, medium, standard and rabbit clays. Weather resistant coating is electrostatically bonded to metal for maximum protection. Wear resistant anodized throwing arm.
Champion Skybird Trap Target Thrower
A 3/4 Cock Trap has a one-way clutch that allows throwing arm travel in only one direction. When the throwing arm is tripped and a clay target thrown, the inertia of the arm carries it to about an 8 o'clock position. The one-way clutch does not allow the spring to pull the arm back to the twelve o'clock position, but instead stops it at the furthest distance traveled, which is closer to the setter. This feature requires less force and a much shorter distance to fully cock the trap for the next throw.
Trius 1 Step Trap
One easy step cocks and releases target. Arm is set and target(s) placed on arm without tension. Operator steps on the pedal to put tension on the arm and release target(s) in one continuous motion. One person can throw and shoot. Features oil impregnated powder bronze bushings, stainless steel trigger spring, sun and oil-resistant rub strip, and large knobs for elevation and tension adjustment.
Do-All The Competitor
This recreational trap will throw singles, stacked doubles, or side by side doubles. It is constructed of heavy-duty metal materials, with durable powder coat paint. The Competitor assembles in minutes and comes with complete assembly instructions. This model comes with two different mounting systems: the tire mount is designed to be simple and effective and the ground mounting system incorporates long ground spikes to grip the earth.
Champion High Fly Trap
This trap's balanced design delivers all regulation clay targets to challenging distances. The target is thrown with a simple pull of a string and features a target clip for secure placement and a consistent flight path. Stake in the ground or mount on a tire.
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Clay target/ pigeon thrower, right and left hand
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The Champion Trap Cover is the perfect shield from harsh outside elements. Made with heavy duty materials, this new cover protects your trap when you're not using it. Ensure your commercial or recreational trap continues to deliver years of dependable service. Fits Champion WheelyBird and Workhorse Electric Trap Clay Target Throwers.
Champion Field Target Holder
Features 8 target clips provides a convenient place to hang targets or cans. The portable target holder keeps all your targets a full 28" off the ground. It is made of solid steel and equipped with a wind-resisting anchor plate. Comes in a convenient nylon carrying case with a drawstring closure and shoulder strap for easy portability.
Designed for high fly over practice to stimulate doves and geese, the EZ Throw-MR long range thrower (targets up to 95 yards) is the fastest thrower we sell. If you can hit this one, you can hit anything. Comes with one EZ-II and the handle assembly.
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A revolutionary new hand held clay target thrower is now available to the public! The WingOne® semi-auto launcher offers shooters a totally new experience. Featuring a highly innovative design, the WingOne is: Easy to Load. Easy to Throw. Maintenance-Free. Lightweight. Portable. Not affected by temperature. The Auto-Cocking design of the WingOne® provides the user with the ability to throw four of five times faster than other throwers and it supports many varieties of clays.
MTM EZ-Throw-II?
The EZ-Throw is the original patented design clay target thrower. Its one-piece design throws clay faster and farther than most mechanical throws and it will not break or rust. The "power curve", as we call it, gives you a smooth throw. So easy to use, whether you are right or left-handed, with a little practice, you will soon be throwing jump birds, curves and ground skimmers.
Champion Hand Thrower
Designed for easy use and minimal effort, this new hand thrower sends targets flying for fast clay action. Constructed of rugged polypropylene and able to hold any standard size clay, this new hand thrower is the ultimate in portability and perfect for backyard shooting sessions. Get distance. Get accuracy. Get consistent flights. Get the new Champion Hand Thrower.
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