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Target throwers

Do-All Raven Auto Trap
The Raven features a 50 bird clay stack, 25' foot pedal cord and built in wheels and handle for easy carry and storage. This unit has the ability to launch clays from 55-80 yards. Works with standard and biodegradable targets. Ability to alter spring tension, by hand, with its' unique spring tensioning system. This unit also boasts a safety pin, disarm feature and reinforced safety ring for a safe and enjoyable trap shooting experience.
Do-All Wobbler Kit
The Aerial Assault Wobbler presents real life shooting situations, random incomers and away shots as well as fast quartering and passing shots. The motorized Wobbler will automatically throw each target in random positions. Seamlessly mounts to the Aerial Assault and takes place of the pivot mount. From left to right the Wobbler kit moves a total of 45°. Up and down movement from 15 to 45°. Weather proof and durable steel construction. Powered by any 12 volt battery (not included).
Do-All 3/4 Cock Trap Single
Our 3/4 cocking traps basically cock themselves and will throw a standard bird 90 yards! The Single Trap 3/4 model, which is a sit down model, features a comfortable fold-down chair, has slip in legs or slides easily into a class III hitch receiver. Ball bearing clutch with one way movement. Positive locking trigger with pull release. No additional accessories needed. Yellow safety ring guard. 3-pivot mount allows you to throw targets in all directions at any angle on all planes. 1 year limited warranty on clutch and parts. 2 year warranty on parts and labor. Free instructional video.
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