Berkley Cane Walker

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Ideal for calling fish up or situations with a slight chop, the Berkley® Cane Walker delivers the most surface disturbance of any Berkley® top water lure. With a loud rattling chamber, spitting cup, and long-distance casting ability the Berkley® Cane Walker is sure to get their attention.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
BHBCW125-BNE / No Yes Yes No 028632299005 BHBCW125-BNE
BHBCW125-CJS / No Yes Yes No 028632299029 BHBCW125-CJS
BHBCW125-MAV / No Yes Yes No 028632299098 BHBCW125-MAV
BHBCW125-PGH / No Yes Yes No 028632299012 BHBCW125-PGH