Berkley J-Walker

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Whether you are a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, this classic top water lure is designed to deliver explosive top water action. Berkley® J-Walkers feature a sleek tail weighted design that has been refined through countless prototypes to provide casting distances while their hydrodynamic shape, precision balance point, and resting position allow for an easy walk the dog action that has been proven on the water. Topped off with Fusion19? hooks, Berkley® J-Walkers are sure to impress anglers of all skill levels.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
BHBJW100-BBB / No Yes Yes No 028632298206 BHBJW100-BBB
BHBJW100-BBUL / No Yes Yes No 028632298183 BHBJW100-BBUL
BHBJW100-BNE / No Yes Yes No 028632299890 BHBJW100-BNE
BHBJW100-CHR / No Yes Yes No 028632298176 BHBJW100-CHR
BHBJW100-CJS / No Yes Yes No 028632298121 BHBJW100-CJS
BHBJW100-GHBG / No Yes Yes No 028632298220 BHBJW100-GHBG
BHBJW100-GHW / No Yes Yes No 028632298145 BHBJW100-GHW
BHBJW100-MAV / No Yes Yes No 028632298237 BHBJW100-MAV
BHBJW100-MFBG / No Yes Yes No 028632298213 BHBJW100-MFBG
BHBJW100-MFF / No Yes Yes No 028632298190 BHBJW100-MFF
BHBJW100-OLS / No Yes Yes No 028632298138 BHBJW100-OLS
BHBJW100-PGH / No Yes Yes No 028632298114 BHBJW100-PGH
BHBJW100-SXB / No Yes Yes No 028632298169 BHBJW100-SXB
BHBJW120-BBB / No Yes Yes No 028632298343 BHBJW120-BBB
BHBJW120-BBUL / No Yes Yes No 028632298329 BHBJW120-BBUL
BHBJW120-BNE / No Yes Yes No 028632298244 BHBJW120-BNE
BHBJW120-CHR / No Yes Yes No 028632298312 BHBJW120-CHR
BHBJW120-CJS / No Yes Yes No 028632298268 BHBJW120-CJS
BHBJW120-GHBG / No Yes Yes No 028632298367 BHBJW120-GHBG
BHBJW120-GHW / No Yes Yes No 028632298282 BHBJW120-GHW
BHBJW120-MAV / No Yes Yes No 028632298374 BHBJW120-MAV
BHBJW120-MFBG / No Yes Yes No 028632298350 BHBJW120-MFBG
BHBJW120-MFF / No Yes Yes No 028632298336 BHBJW120-MFF
BHBJW120-MFS / No Yes Yes No 028632298299 BHBJW120-MFS
BHBJW120-OLS / No Yes Yes No 028632298275 BHBJW120-OLS
BHBJW120-PGH / No Yes Yes No 028632298251 BHBJW120-PGH
BHBJW120-SXB / No Yes Yes No 028632298305 BHBJW120-SXB