Berkley WakeBull

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Offering a tempting surface waking action at any speed, the Berkley® WakeBull combines the popular Squarebull body with a shallow pitched bill and tail wagging action. It's bill and well-balanced design not only allows it to deflect off surrounding cover but also allows it to be fished at higher speeds without blowouts. WakeBull's sound resonance chamber amplifies the knocking sound with each wag of the tail that entices the curiosity of surrounding fish.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
BHBWB60-BC / No Yes Yes No 028632299166 BHBWB60-BC
BHBWB60-BKCH / No Yes Yes No 028632299142 BHBWB60-BKCH
BHBWB60-BNE / No Yes Yes No 028632299135 BHBWB60-BNE
BHBWB60-DAN / No Yes Yes No 028632299180 BHBWB60-DAN
BHBWB60-GHBG / No Yes Yes No 028632299159 BHBWB60-GHBG
BHBWB60-MFBG / No Yes Yes No 028632299111 BHBWB60-MFBG
BHBWB60-MFFT / No Yes Yes No 028632299173 BHBWB60-MFFT
BHBWB60-SXB / No Yes Yes No 028632299128 BHBWB60-SXB
BHBWB60-WHSH / No Yes Yes No 028632299197 BHBWB60-WHSH
BHBWB70-BC / No Yes Yes No 028632299265 BHBWB70-BC
BHBWB70-BKCH / No Yes Yes No 028632299241 BHBWB70-BKCH
BHBWB70-BNE / No Yes Yes No 028632299234 BHBWB70-BNE
BHBWB70-DAN / No Yes Yes No 028632299289 BHBWB70-DAN
BHBWB70-MFBG / No Yes Yes No 028632299210 BHBWB70-MFBG
BHBWB70-MFS / No Yes Yes No 028632299203 BHBWB70-MFS
BHBWB70-WHSH / No Yes Yes No 028632299296 BHBWB70-WHSH