Big Sky Racks SBR Series Sky Bar Gun Rack

Big Sky Racks SBR Series Sky Bar Gun Rack
  • Model | Options: SBR-1G | 1 Gun Sky-Bar Gun Rack
  • Model | Options: SBR-2G | 2 Gun Sky-Bar Gun Rack
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Thick, Padded Brackets protect finishes and scopes, and slide-adjust to fit all weapons. Heavy-duty nylon Hook & Loop Fastening Strap. The Sky Bar Series is a telescoping system which allows for fit to all vehicles. It's square-tube construction provides for optimum, small dimensional strength. Adjustable bracket assemblies assure mounting of most weapons/accessories and may be firmly secured by tightening the set-screws (provided) on the backside of each bracket. SBR Series mounts are available in two basic models: SBR-2G (Two Gun) and SBR-1G (One Gun) mounts. Both models are identical units, with the exception that the SBR-2G is supplied with a second set of weapon brackets.