Booyah Squelcher

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Perfection gets tossed around far too much in the fishing industry, but we believe that the new BOOYAH Squelcher is sitting atop a plateau in the buzz bait category. The Squelcher features components that provides an action most anglers spend hours tuning on their traditional buzz baits to achieve. Components such as: extra-large cupped blade that allows the bait to be fished extra slow, nested rivet for optimum screech, keeled head, and an extra sharp hook with wire plastic keeper to eliminate the need for glue. Painstaking R&D took place to fine tune all of these features present in the Squelcher, and the result is a buzz bait that any hardcore bass angler will be itching to reel across a slick calm surface.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
BYSQ12608 / No 719339114981 BYSQ12608
BYSQ12644 / No 719339114998 BYSQ12644
BYSQ12732 / No 719339115001 BYSQ12732
BYSQ12733 / No 719339115018 BYSQ12733
BYSQ12735 / No 719339116190 BYSQ12735
BYSQ38608 / No 719339115049 BYSQ38608
BYSQ38644 / No 719339115056 BYSQ38644
BYSQ38732 / No 719339115063 BYSQ38732
BYSQ38733 / No 719339115070 BYSQ38733
BYSQ38734 / No 719339116206 BYSQ38734
BYSQ38735 / No 719339116213 BYSQ38735