Booyah Swim'N Jigs

Booyah Swim'N Jigs™
  • Lure Weight | Model: 3/8 oz | BYSJ3801
  • Lure Weight | Model: 3/8 oz | BYSJ3804
  • Lure Weight | Model: 3/8 oz | BYSJ3825
  • Lure Weight | Model: Not Defined | BYSJ1204
  • Lure Weight | Model: Not Defined | BYSJ3809
Lure Weight:
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With its flat-bottomed, arrowhead jig head and line tie that's in-line with the hook, the Swim'n Jig is made to be thrown into the thickest, nastiest grass you can find. Add an XCalibur? Tx3? hook designed specifically for the Swim'n Jig, two red rattles and a Plasti-Kee? spike behind the skirt collar and you have the jig that will change the way you fish.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
Not Defined / BYSJ1201 719339079495 BYSJ1201
Not Defined / BYSJ1204 719339079488 BYSJ1204
Not Defined / BYSJ3866 719339114714 BYSJ3866
Not Defined / BYSJ3867 719339114721 BYSJ3867
Not Defined / BYSJ3868 719339114738 BYSJ3868
Not Defined / BYSJ3869 719339114745 BYSJ3869