Breakthrough Battle Born HP Pro Oil

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Battle Born HP Pro lubricant & protectant is a blend of the finest quality synthetic oils available and treated with the most effective extreme pressure, corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidant, anti-foam and anti-wear additives. This unique combination provides maximum firearm lubrication and protection in extreme environmental conditions. Multi-service lubricant and protectant for extended service under high and low temperature conditions (from -65°F to +507°F). Safe to use on all metal, plastic and polymer parts.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
BTO-12ML / HEX / No No No No 852712005374 BTO-12ML / HEX
BTO-1GL / No No No No 852712005152 BTO-1GL
BTO-2OZ / No No No No 852712005053 BTO-2OZ
BTO-2OZ-12PK / No 2085271200500 BTO-2OZ-12PK
BTO-6OZ / No No No No 852712005138 BTO-6OZ
HPPRO-12ML / HEX / No No No No 852712005367 HPPRO-12ML / HEX
HPPRO-1GL / No No No No 852712005282 HPPRO-1GL
HPPRO-2OZ-NTA / No No No No 852712005237 HPPRO-2OZ-NTA
HPPRO-2OZ-NTA-12PK / No No No No 852712005992 HPPRO-2OZ-NTA-12PK