Breakthrough Cable Pull Through Cleaning Kit

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The Breakthrough® Clean QWIC-MIL (Quick Weapon Improved Cleaning Kit) was designed to be your ultimate go-to rifle and pistol cleaning kit. The QWIC-MIL cleaning kit contains our durable gun care tools as well as our bestselling gun cleaning products. For a cleaner gun, we've included the very best in gun cleaning and lubricating products: our Military-Grade Solvent, Battle Born Grease, and Battle Born High-Purity Oil. Whether you are in the field or at home, this rifle cleaning kit gives you the right tools to get the best clean.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
BT-QWIC-3G-BLK / No .223/9mm/12GA Lead Yes 852712005091 BT-QWIC-3G-BLK
BT-QWIC-3G-CAM / No .223/9mm/12GA Lead Yes 852712005466 BT-QWIC-3G-CAM
BT-QWIC-3G-DST / No .223/9mm/12GA Lead Yes 852712005480 BT-QWIC-3G-DST
BT-QWIC-3G-GRY / No .223/9mm/12GA Lead Yes 852712005473 BT-QWIC-3G-GRY
BT-QWIC-MIL-BLK / No .223/.30/9mm Lead Yes 852712005411 BT-QWIC-MIL-BLK
BT-QWIC-MIL-CAM / No .223/.30/9mm Lead Yes 852712005497 BT-QWIC-MIL-CAM
BT-QWIC-MIL-DST / No .223/.30/9mm Lead Yes 852712005510 BT-QWIC-MIL-DST
BT-QWIC-MIL-GRY / No .223/.30/9mm Lead Yes 852712005503 BT-QWIC-MIL-GRY
BT-QWIC-P-BLK / No .22-.45 Lead Yes 852712005114 BT-QWIC-P-BLK
BT-QWIC-P-CAM / No .22-.45 Lead Yes 852712005435 BT-QWIC-P-CAM
BT-QWIC-P-DST / No .22-.45 Lead Yes 852712005459 BT-QWIC-P-DST
BT-QWIC-P-GRY / No .22-.45 Lead Yes 852712005442 BT-QWIC-P-GRY