Breakthrough Square Cotton Patches

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$3.56 - $17.06
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These woven 100% cotton patches are ultra-absorbent and effectively clean your firearms. These pre-cut squares make it easy to use and are available in a wide variety of calibers to meet all your firearm's needs.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
BT-CP-S-1"-1000 / No No No 854325008117 BT-CP-S-1"-1000
BT-CP-S-1"-200 / No No No 854325008179 BT-CP-S-1"-200
BT-CP-S-1-1/2"-50 / No No No 854325008186 BT-CP-S-1-1/2"-50
BT-CP-S-1-1/2"-600 / No No No 854325008124 BT-CP-S-1-1/2"-600
BT-CP-S-1-3/4"-50 / No No No 854325008193 BT-CP-S-1-3/4"-50
BT-CP-S-1-3/4"-500 / No No No 854325008131 BT-CP-S-1-3/4"-500
BT-CP-S-2-1/2"-50 / No No No 854325008216 BT-CP-S-2-1/2"-50
BT-CP-S-2-1/2"-540 / No No No 854325008155 BT-CP-S-2-1/2"-540
BT-CP-S-2-1/4"-50 / No No No 854325008209 BT-CP-S-2-1/4"-50
BT-CP-S-2-1/4"-600 / No No No 854325008148 BT-CP-S-2-1/4"-600
BT-CP-S-3"-300 / No No No No 854325008100 BT-CP-S-3"-300
BT-CP-S-3"-50 / No No No 854325008223 BT-CP-S-3"-50