Clam Fluoro Big Tooth Rig

Clam Fluoro Big Tooth Rig
  • Model: 110694
  • Model: 110695
  • Model: 110696
  • Model: 9704 | Fluoro Red
  • Model: 9705 | Fluoro Gold
  • Model: 9706 | Fluoro Firetiger
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As merciless as marauding pike and walleyes are, they can also shy away from too much hardware at times. In clear water (and a lot of water is clear under the ice!) the Bigtooth Fluoro Rig shines. Let's rephrase. It shines because it doesn't shine. Light passes through heavy fluorocarbon, which holds twin trebles and fish-attracting blades in the exact position for the size of your minnow. As big fish near, the bait struggles to get away. Nothin' for the big fish to see except its next meal. Teeth crunch down and the line goes out and you get ready to haul it back. When fish are shying away, Bigtooth Fluoro will convince them to play. 7" Y-yoke with either size 2 or 1/0 hooks.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
110694 719921106943 110694
110695 719921106950 110695
110696 719921106967 110696
9705 / Fluoro Gold 719921097050 9705
9706 / Fluoro Firetiger 719921097067 9706