Code Blue Rack Rub Gel

Code Blue Rack Rub Gel
Rack Rub 2OUNCE Gel
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Rarely will bucks produce a primary scrape without first selecting the perfect licking branch. Code Blue's Rack Rub Gel is the ultimate scent for stimulating rub activity, encouraging bucks to deposit scent from their forehead and preorbital glands on low-hanging tree limbs by vigorously chewing, rubbing and horn-raking. This marks their territory with an unmistakable aroma that's unique to every deer; Rack Rub Gel mimics the presence of another buck with these natural glandular secretions. Use it on existing licking branches or to create a mock licking branch to attract dominant bucks throughout the season.

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QA1228 / Rack Rub 2OUNCE Gel 707114012805 QA1228