Eberlestock Rain Cover Large Reversible

Eberlestock Rain Cover Large Reversible
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Reversible Rain Cover Product Info

Eberlestock Reversible Rain Covers are a great accessory to have when you're going to be patrolling in a heavy rain. Though most Eberlestock backpacks use waterproofimage fabric in their construction, it can be next to impossible to keep your gear dry in a heavy, driving rain that seeps into all crevices. In case of a heavy downpour, you'll want one of these hunting accessories over your pack. These Eberlestock hunting accessories are large enough to cover your entire pack and any weapon scabbard you might have attached. You can choose to leave your weapon free if you're in a dangerous environment, or cover the whole backpack, scabbard and all, for a maximum level of protection. You never have to worry about Eberlestock Reversible Pack Cover coming loose, either; elastic edging keeps the rain cover tight against the pack. The rain cover is fully reversible, allowing you to switch from a camouflage pattern to a hunting-friendly bright orange. Eberlestock has designed these rain covers in two different sizes. The large cover can fit over almost any backpack, including a fully expanded Eberlestock Just One series pack. The smaller cover is better for smaller packs like the Eberlestock X1 and the Eberlestock Gunslinger, though it will also fit Just One backpacks in their compact mode. To protect your Eberlestock pack from any precipitation, cover it in an Eberlestock Reversible Precipitation Cover.

Specifications for Eberlestock Orange or Camo Rain Cover:

Weight: 9 oz
Color: Orange or camouflage, reversible

Features of Eberlestock Elastic Edge Rain Cover:
•Fully covers most Eberlestock backpacks
•Large model covers all packs and scabbards
•Small model covers smaller packs without scabbards
•Waterproof rain cover
•Reversible from camouflage pattern to hunter orange
•Elastic edges ensure snug fit

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