Energizer Advance Lithium Batteries

Energizer Advance Lithium Batteries
  • Model | Options: 2032BP-2 | 2032 2PK
  • Model | Options: 2L76BP | 1PK REPLACES ALL 1/3N
  • Model | Options: 357BPZ | BATTERY 357BP
  • Model | Options: ECR2032BP | COIN 3VOLT
  • Model | Options: EL123BP-12 | BATTERIES 3VOLT 12PK
  • Model | Options: EL123BP-6 | BATTERIES 3VOLT 6PK
  • Model | Options: EL1CR2BP2 | BATTERIES 3VOLT 2PK
$2.39 - $44.99
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Photos. Tunes. Gaming. You love your tech. But they drain energy like a criminal. Try Energizer® Advanced Lithium - its lithium battery technology maximizes your gear's performance and keeps you going non-stop. MORE* POWER for the devices you rely on including: Wireless gaming accessories. Handheld games. MP3 players and portable CD players. Digital cameras. Last up to 4x longer in digital cameras (versus Energizer® MAX®. results vary by camera) Lasts 20 hours longer* in wireless gaming accessories. Results vary by play and/ or usage patterns. Last up to 30% longer in personal audio devices (versus Energizer® MAX®. results vary by device) Weigh 1/3 less than standard alkaline 10 year storage life Leak resistant construction.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
2032BP-2 / 2032 2PK 039800066114 2032BP-2
2L76BP / 1PK REPLACES ALL 1/3N 039800092526 2L76BP
ECR2032BP / COIN 3VOLT 039800088635 ECR2032BP
EL123BP-12 / BATTERIES 3VOLT 12PK 039800100627 EL123BP-12
EL123BP-6 / BATTERIES 3VOLT 6PK 039800100634 EL123BP-6
EL1CR2BP2 / BATTERIES 3VOLT 2PK 039800022974 EL1CR2BP2