Fish Monkey Stubby Guide Gloves

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It's a half finger guide glove with shortened fingers and shortened wrist. The Stubby is a natural on the water especially for those who want the protection but not the bulk. Use them for poling the boat, casting, releasing fish and more, thanks to the second skin fit and quick-drying breathable fabric. The Stubby is a guide's best friend.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
FM18-AMER-L / No No No No 852009007678 FM18-AMER-L
FM18-AMER-M / No No No No 852009007661 FM18-AMER-M
FM18-AMER-XL / No No No No 852009007685 FM18-AMER-XL
FM18-BLWTRCAM-L / No No No No 852009007722 FM18-BLWTRCAM-L
FM18-BLWTRCAM-XL / No No No No 852009007739 FM18-BLWTRCAM-XL
FM18-VSG-2XL / No No No No 859100007460 FM18-VSG-2XL
FM18-VSG-L / No No No No 859100007446 FM18-VSG-L
FM18-VSG-M / No No No No 859100007439 FM18-VSG-M
FM18-VSG-S / No Not Applicable No No 859100007422 FM18-VSG-S
FM18-VSG-XL / No No No No 859100007453 FM18-VSG-XL