Goose Commander Specklebelly Goose Call

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This polycarbonate call has a single, short reed that is more than capable of the clucks, purrs, and yodels necessary to trick the wildest of white-fronted geese to come check out your spread. Precisely engineered and tuned to require less back-pressure, hunters can quickly learn to use this call. A little more practice of hand positioning and air control, and you will soon be talking back and forth to the specks looking for a flock. We love calling to the singles, double and triples-as they seem easier to call. Bigger bunches are always tougher as they are more eyes and minds, but when it all works out, it is a thing of beauty. As they talk, we talk back, and continue this until they are within effective range of the hunters. This call is a must for anyone that hunts near where a speckle belly might fly by. Simple, affordable call Easily cleanable and adjustable friction fit reed system Capable of purrs, murmurs, and yodels.