Harmon Herd Blend Whitetail Rub-On Scent Stick

Harmon Herd Blend Whitetail Rub-On Scent Stick
Herd Blend Whitet
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Harmon Herd Blend Whitetail Rub-on Scent Stick is a 3-ounce solid rub-on scent stick with Harmon combination of Herd Blended urines. This scent has an extremely calming effect. There is no stronger rub-on Scent than Harmon Scent Stick. The advantage of the Herd Blend is that it keeps the does and bucks very calm; so they do not get excited, aggressive or defensive. This combination of deer urine contains the ultimate calming effect. Only pure urines are used; never diluted. It is a compact, all in one rub-on lure that doesn't spill or leak, and it stays fresh for up to 2 years. It applies easily and is effective for a variety of hunting uses. It can be rubbed on brush, trees, the bottom of boots, leaves of trees, drag rags, scent wicks, leaves over a scrape, and decoys.

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CC-H-HBW-SS / Herd Blend Whitet 751710502796 CC-H-HBW-SS