Lindy Darter

Lindy Darter
  • Model | Options: LD202 | Redtail
  • Model | Options: LD203 | Fathead
  • Model | Options: LD204 | Golden Shiner
  • Model | Options: LD210 | Red Glow
  • Model | Options: LD302
  • Model | Options: LD311 | Chart Glow
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A proper ice fishing lure has long been defined as something small, not too flashy, and loaded with meat. After all, with water temperatures in the low to mid thirties, sluggish fish aren't looking for a large, loud lure. Or are they? Lindy decided to push the boundary, to make something with a premium holographic finish and a loud rattle chamber to call in fish from long distances. Add irresistible action and the perfect weight balance and let the fish decide. The result: the Lindy Darter, a superstar from birth that lives up to the mantra, "Legendary Fishing Tackle." While the Lindy Darter's rattle chamber mimics the sounds of a distressed baitfish and attracts fish from long distances, the erratic darting action closes the deal, evoking savage strikes from walleye, sauger, pike and other predators. There is no need for added attractant in the form of minnows or waxies on this lure. It comes complete with premium treble hooks and an incredibly life-like, holographic finish.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
LD202 / Redtail 025787010011 LD202
LD203 / Fathead 025787010028 LD203
LD204 / Golden Shiner 025787010035 LD204
LD210 / Red Glow 025787010097 LD210
LD302 025787010318 LD302
LD311 / Chart Glow 025787010400 LD311