Mack's Lure Sling Blade #3 Foil

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The #3 (4") version of the Sling Blade Dodger, from Shasta Tackle Co, possesses a unique design and shape that generates a wide swinging action that attracts fish to come investigate the trolled lure or bait. The versatility of trolling speed afforded by the sling blade allow anglers to utilize the dodger for a wide variety of lures and baits including spinners, hoochies, spoons and bugs just to name a few. Using the sling blade is quite simple, just attach the leader from your lure or bait to the snap at the cupped end of the dodger. Best results will be achieved with a leader length of 8-12" at a trolling speed between 1.5mph-2.5mph. This particular model, the #3, is most commonly employed for Kokanee, trout and land locked salmon species while larger models are considered more effective for Salmon.